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I started my design career back in 2015 and all the listed below. Now, I decided to read them again. The reason is very simple: with a 3-year experience, I will resonate more with the authors and use the re-learned knowledge fast in my work. And you could do the same.

About methodology

1. Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

This book tells about the 5-day design sprint which can be used in a wide range of problem-solving cases. It is essential for UX designers to understand the methodologies from this book and use them in your daily work.

2. Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience

Are you also using the Lean UX method in your design work? What you have followed correctly and what not? Maybe it is time to read all the principles, tactics and techniques again and reflect on yourself.

About design

3. The Design of Everyday Things

What is the feeling of reading this most popular design book again? Do you still remember the principles to make the experience of using an object (interface) pleasurable?

4. About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design

Some of the knowledge in this book may seem old-fashion. However, the goal-directed design method will never become unpopular. Also, the author teaches about good product behavior.

About guideline

5. Material design guideline

When a linear progress indicator works better than a circular one? Material design guideline is a very great source to learn the right usage of UI components.

6. Carbon design system

The Carbon design system from IBM teaches you what a design language system needs to contain. Moreover, its Git approach in building up a Sketch toolkit is worth learning.

About people

7. 0 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

From a psychological perspective, this book introduces 100 facts about people. While reading this book, it is nice to recall if a case you worked before can prove a fact. And which fact you can use in your work right now?

8. Measuring the User Experience: Collecting, Analyzing, and Presenting Usability Metrics

Collecting, analysing, and presenting user feedback is the most important skills for a UX designer. By reading the user testing cases in this book, you will learn some new method to measure the success of UX.

About business

9. Design website to increase traffic and conversion

Do you want to sound more convincing in front of a product owner? Do you get confused about funnels? Do you want to know how to increase the conversion rate? This book will give all those information.

10. This is Service Design Thinking: Basics — Tools — Cases

Knowledge in the service design field is also very useful for user experience. The co-creative and user-centered approaches introduced by this book will help you in organizing workshops and managing stakeholders.

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