Reflecting on the past few years, I wanted to share some things I constantly remind myself as a (my first ever tweetstorm!)

1/ Arguably your biggest priority as a designer is to facilitate conversation between team. Use this conversation + other sources to determine where next.

2/ Break problems down into their smallest form. What can you accomplish in the next hour? Day? Week?

3/ Lots of parallels between writing and design. Start with words (1st draft), sketches (2nd draft), so on.

4/ Perfectionism is the death of all creativity. Remember that things can be tweaked, updated, redesigned whenever.

5/ Explore, iterate, repeat. Sweat the details at the right time.

6/ Write. Everything. Down. (esp when getting feedback). Something I still struggle with, but it a) shows that you’re listening b) give a shit and c) helps you create a record for the process.

7/ Always start a design critique with restating the thing you’re working on and the progress made so far (if any). Chances are that it’s not the #1 priority for others in the room.

8/ Go for brevity when presenting. What are the 3 things they should care about?

9/ Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing the “right” answer — we are all figuring it out as we go. Learn from peers. Find a mentor. Avoid Dribbble.

/ Constantly try to humble yourself. Being a creative is sometimes hard. People will unintentionally shit on your work… don’t take it to heart.

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