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  1. After two weeks of dating, they send you a text saying ‘happy first iteration’.
  2. Not a single friend or family member understand what they do.
  3. After your first argument, they ask for a retro.
  4. They talk about your parents as stakeholders.
  5. Choosing where to go out, they want to play Crazy 8’s to decide.
  6. They talk about spending a weekend away together as an offsite.
  7. You go to a restaurant, and they complain about the accessibility of the menu.
  8. When there’s a problem, they keep saying ‘trust the process’.
  9. When you tell them ‘we need to organise something’, they ask you to put it in the backlog.
  10. When you ask how long they want to go on holiday for, they say ‘maybe one sprint’.
  11. When you debate something in front of friends, they say ‘we should take this offline’.
  12. For your wedding ring, they buy you a double diamond.

Thanks Sarah Cooper for inspiring me with your article: 21 signs you’re dating a product manager.

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