is not just a tool used for enhancing and optimizing photos, it can also be used to add beautiful effects and brighten up your photos to make them look dreamy and more professional. For this collection, we handpicked a set of and that will help apply soft and bright effects to your photos.

All of these presets can add a vibrant look and feel without affecting an image’s natural colors.

Whether you’re working on fashion, wedding, newborn, or portrait photography, you’ll find plenty of choices in this Lightroom presets collection to improve your photos with just one click.

60 Natural Portrait Lightroom Presets

Optimizing portraits is a task that most designers struggle with. Mostly because photos taken in different lighting conditions and backgrounds require different types of optimizations. This Lightroom presets bundle will help speed up that process. It includes 60 different presets that are designed to add light and airy looks to your portrait photos.

Clean Photography Lightroom Presets

Making your photos look bright without affecting its colors and toning is not easy because if you don’t get it just right you risk losing its colors and tone. The presets in this pack will help you avoid that problem. The pack comes with 11 Lightroom presets that add a clean and light look to your photos without washing out its colors.

Warm & Airy Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets

Even though “light” and airy is the theme of our post, sometimes adding a bit of warm toning with an airy effect can make your photos look even more amazing as well. This Lightroom presets bundle features 11 effects that will allow you to do just that. They are most suitable for improving outdoor portraits, wedding photos, and travel photos.

Studio Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Even though we have smartphones and digital cameras, most people still go to studios or hire professionals to capture their memories because they want photos to look professional. As the photographer or the photo editor, it’s your job to deliver beyond the client’s expectations. These Lightroom presets are designed just for professional and studio photography.

Vibrant Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Looking for a preset to make your photos look both bright and colorful? Look no further. This pack of Lightroom presets comes with optimization and toning effects that not only gives your photos a light and airy look but also bring out its colors to make them more vibrant. It’s perfect for improving outdoor and travel photos.

Folklore Toning Lightroom Presets

If you’re a photographer or an editor who works with outdoor photography and portraits, this collection of Lightroom presets will come in handy. It includes a set of presets that help improves the toning of your photos to add airy and dream looks. The bundle includes 7 different effects with various styles.

Pastel Colors Airy Lightroom Presets

When it comes to wedding and newborn photography, pastel colors are often used to add an airy effect to photos and make them look more attractive. These Lightroom presets will allow you to create professional pastel color toning effects with just a single click. Of course, the effects are easily customizable as well.

Anniversary - Light Lightroom Presets

Adding an airy effect to your outdoor photoshoots and portrait photography will get much easier when you have this collection of Lightroom presets at your side. It includes 7 main presets and 13 different variation effects, all of which are designed to add a moody effect to photos by enhancing the color tones.

Lilac Toning Lightroom Presets

The presets in this bundle gets all the elements of a perfect effect just right by enhancing photos with light, airy and vibrant color toning optimizations. It comes with a total of 22 different Lightroom presets that help you improve outdoor and natural light photos.

Sweet Tones - Lightroom Presets

Similar to pastel tones, this collection of Lightroom presets also let you add toning effects to your wedding and newborn photography to make your photos light and airy. The presets are also fully adjustable, which will allow you to easily customize the effects to match different types of photos.

Couple Goals Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Optimizing outdoor photos to enhance the mood and brightness won’t take much of your time when you have this collection of Lightroom presets. These presets are designed to add professional color toning and brightness adjustments to enhance your photos and make them more vibrant.

Bright & Airy Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

Just as the name suggests, the presets in this pack are designed for making your photos look bright and adding an airy effect. While the presets are designed with outdoor wedding photography in mind, you can also use these Lightroom presets to enhance other types of portrait and landscape photos as well.

Greece Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

We all want to make our travel and outdoor photos look even more colorful and professional before uploading them to Instagram. This collection of Lightroom presets will help you achieve that goal with just one-click. These presets are fully optimized for enhancing the colors of your photos and improving the brightness to make them look more professional.

Adventure - Outdoor Lightroom Presets

Another collection of Lightroom presets designed specifically for outdoor and travel photography. This pack includes 11 presets for adding a moody effect to your photos as well as enhancing their brightness and colors. The pack also includes Photoshop action versions of the effects so you can add the effects using both Photoshop and Lightroom as well.

Garden - Outdoor Portrait Lightroom Presets

This bundle lets you choose from various styles of effects and enhancement presets for improving your portrait and landscape photos. The presets are fully optimized to work well with outdoor and natural light photos. They are most suitable for wedding, family, and travel photos as well.

UltraPOP Lightroom Presets

If you want to make your photos look more bright, vibrant, and colorful, the presets in this pack will certainly help. These Lightroom presets are designed to make the colors pop by enhancing brightness and saturating without affecting the quality of the image. It includes 20 different Lightroom presets.

Spring Lightroom Presets

This collection of Lightroom presets will help you make every photo you take look as bright and airy as a photo taken in spring. It includes 50 different effects that allow you to enhance different types of outdoor, low light, and portrait photos with ease.

Looking for more Lightroom presets? Have a look in our best professional Lightroom presets collection.

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