A graphic designer would never say no to . We’ve found some creative and professional brushes you can add to your collection, free of charge.

Having the right set of Photoshop brushes can be quite useful when working on many different types of design projects. Whether you’re painting an illustration or drawing a decorative artwork, nothing beats the Photoshop brush tool as it allows you to use your own styles in designs with the ability to add custom brushes.

This collection includes some of the best free Photoshop brushes you can use in all kinds of designs. Have fun adding them to your collection!

HD Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

This is a collection of Photoshop brushes you must have if you’re a fan of watercolor designs and artworks. It includes 10 different high-resolution brushes that are compatible with Photoshop CS6 and higher. You can use them to make beautiful backgrounds, greeting card designs, posters, and much more.

TsaoShin Digital Art Photoshop Brushes

A set of 4 creative Photoshop brushes made and used by a digital artist. These brushes will be quite useful to beginning illustrators and digital artists for drawing paintings as well as making creative graphic designs. The brushes work with Photoshop CS2 and higher.

Oil Painting Photoshop Brushes

This bundle of Photoshop brushes features a set of unique brushes inspired by oil paintings. If you’re looking to draw creative artworks and paintings with oil painting look and feel, this brush collection is a must-have.

Deharme's ToolBox Photoshop Brush Set

This is a collection of high-quality Photoshop brushes created by a professional artist. According to the creator, these brushes can be used as a starting point for digital painting for beginners. The brushes work well with Photoshop CC but they should work with lower versions as well.

Free Photoshop Ink Brushes

With more than 190 different brushes to choose from, this bundle of Photoshop brushes will give you plenty of options for drawing illustrations, art, and many other types of design. These brushes feature all kinds of ink-based slabs, splashes, strokes, and more for creating digital art designs.

Free Artistic Photoshop Brushes

This is a bundle of 56 Photoshop brushes created by a digital artist. According to the DeviantArt page, the artist uses these brushes in their own paintings and they work with Photoshop CS3 and higher. It includes many different types of brushes you can use for illustrations.

45 Digital Painting Photoshop Brushes

If you’re a digital artist using a drawing tablet for digital illustrations, this collection of Photoshop brushes will come in handy. These brushes have been specifically designed for digital artists and optimized to work with graphic tablets. You can use them with your personal and commercial projects as well.

22 Foliage Photoshop Brushes

Drawing foliage in digital artworks is often a painful process. Adding just the right amount of texture and volume for trees, bushes, and mountains can be frustrating at times. These Photoshop brushes will fix that problem for you. It includes 22 different brushes designed for adding foliage texture to your drawings and illustrations.

Watercolor Strokes Brush & PNGs

Featuring authentic watercolor brush strokes, this bundle comes with a unique Photoshop brush you can use with your various types of graphic designs and illustrations. It also includes a set of watercolor stroke textures and clipart as well.

14 Free Photoshop Brushes

A collection of texture brushes for Photoshop you can use with your creative greeting card, posters, and social media designs. These brushes feature a unique stroke design that’ll work well with decorative drawings and designs. The free bundle includes 14 brushes.

Vegetation & Foliage Textures Photoshop Brushes

These premium-quality brushes will come in handy when drawing vegetation and foliage textures in your digital art and drawings. It includes a set of 28 high-quality brushes that work with Photoshop CS1 and higher. They’re also compatible with GIMP as well.

Deharme Artistic Photoshop Brushes

Another bundle of high-quality brushes made for digital artists. This set features Photoshop brushes that are most suitable for digital artists who are just getting started with Photoshop illustrations. They are compatible with Photoshop CS5 and higher.

Texture Photoshop Brushes

If you’re looking for a brush to create a stylish texture background, this collection of brushes will come in handy. It includes 21 different brushes you can use to design beautiful backgrounds, textures, and effects for both print and digital designs.

Environment Photoshop Brushes

This bundle includes a complete collection of brushes you’ll need for drawing natural environments for paintings as well as making unique digital artworks. The brushes are compatible with Photoshop CS3 and higher.

Free Dark Photoshop Brushes

A collection of creative brushes you can use with your digital paintings and drawings. The bundle includes several different styles of brush stroke designs that are suitable for various styles of drawings.

Nebulae Photoshop Brushes

Based on the NASA images taken with the Hubble Telescope, these Photoshop brushes will allow you to create realistic starry skies for your drawings without any effort. It includes 15 different brushes.

23 Creative Brushes For Photoshop

This is a bundle of multipurpose Photoshop brushes that comes with all kinds of brush designs including foliage brushes, texture brushes, strokes, and much more. It includes 23 unique brushes that are fully compatible with Photoshop CS3 and higher.

5 Custom Hair Brush Set

When it comes to character design, drawing the hair is one of the most difficult tasks many designers struggle with. The brushes in this pack will make that process easier for you. It comes with 5 unique brushes made for drawing different types of hair for your character art and drawings.

Creative Cloud Brushes For Photoshop

Struggling to draw authentic clouds for your illustrations? No need to spend hours perfecting the clouds when you have this bundle of Photoshop brushes. It comes with a set of unique cloud brushes you can use to draw realistic clouds for your drawings and paintings.

115 FREE Subtle Grunge Brushes

If you’re looking for a brush to add a retro vintage textured effect to your posters and graphic designs, look no further. This massive bundle comes with more than 100 different Photoshop brushes with subtle grunge designs. You can download and use the brushes for completely free.

Great Hike Foliage Brushes

Great hike is a bundle of unique Photoshop brushes made for digital artists to make the process of drawing foliage and forests much easier. Artists have also used the brushes for other types of paintings as well.

27 Smudge Brushes For Photoshop

Smudge brushes can be quite useful in many different types of graphic designs. This bundle includes 27 different smudge brushes made for all sorts of art, illustrations, and decorations.

Looking for more high-quality brushes? Check out our collection of premium Photoshop brushes for inspiration.

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