You don’t have to be a pro photographer or a graphic designer to optimize and enhance your portrait photos. With the right Adobe preset for , you can apply stunning effects, all by yourself.

In this collection, we feature the best Lightroom available for quickly optimizing your portrait photos, selfies, wedding photos, and family photos. Using these Lightroom for portraits, you can enhance your photos like a pro by applying effects instantly (and even customize them to your preference with ease).

In most places, a single Lightroom preset can cost up to $ and sometimes even $40. But, not those featured here. You can download all of the Lightroom presets in this collection when you subscribe to Envato Elements. So, don’t forget to download them all!

Give all your portrait photos that warm summer look using this bundle of Lightroom presets. This collection includes 30 unique presets for instantly adjusting the tone and contrast of your portraits while giving them a vibrant summer feel. These presets are perfect for natural light, beach, and outdoor photography.

This is a must-have bundle of Lightroom presets for Instagram users and bloggers. This pack comes with 14 different pink-themed presets in 5 variations making a total of 70 presets. They are perfect for giving an extra feminine and attractive look to your portrait photos before posting them on social media.

Adjust the toning of your portraits using various styles with this set of Lightroom presets. It includes 8 different presets for adjusting the toning of portrait photos based on cold, matte, moss, natural, and a few other toning styles.

If you’re a fan of fun and vibrant colors, this set of Lightroom presets are for you. This bundle comes with 20 different presets that will help you bring out the true colors of your portraits and street photos to make the colors POP.

With the help of the Lightroom presets in this bundle, you’ll be able to make basic adjustments to your portrait photos in just a few seconds. It includes more than 90 different presets for adjusting everything from color, contrast, tone, enhancing detail, and much more. This bundle will help you save hours of your valuable time otherwise spent on making photo adjustments one by one.

Optimizing portrait photos with color adjustments, applying filters before uploading photos to social media, and even adding an extra bit of professionalism to your photography will be easy with this bundle of Lightroom presets. It comes with 30 different non-destructible Lightroom presets that you can use with both RAW and JPG images.

This is a collection of Lightroom presets specially designed for outdoor and natural light portrait photos. It comes with a set of presets for adding more color to bring out the beauty in your portrait photos, especially the ones with lots of green grass and flowers. It includes 24 different presets that are also fully customizable to your preference.

Retouching and enhancing your portrait photos will be so much easier when you have this bundle of Lightroom presets. It comes with 15 professional presets for easily retouching portraits to properly optimize them in an instant. These presets work with both JPEGs and RAW images and are compatible with Lightroom 4 and above.

If you’re struggling to achieve the perfect monochrome effect to give a unique look to your portrait photos, this bundle of Lightroom presets will come in handy. This set includes 20 unique Lightroom presets for achieving different styles of monochrome effects, including matte B&W, toned B&W, high contrast B&W, and more.

Tone your portraits like a pro using this bundle of Lightroom presets. It includes 7 base presets and 15 variations of the presets for using them with different types of portrait photos. These presets will work with all types of portraits, including outdoor, fashion, street, and more.

This bundle comes with a set of unique Lightroom presets for giving your photos a classic chromatic effect with a film tone, like the ones you see in old photographs. It includes 5  base presets and 33 different preset variations for easily achieving the perfect look for your portrait photos.

This is a pack of Lightroom presets made for fashion photography. Yet they will also work well with your other portraits to give them a professional look. It includes 23 non-destructive Lightroom presets for instantly enhancing your portrait photos.

A massive bundle of 100 different Lightroom presets. With this pack, you can do everything from enhancing photos to making simple adjustments, fixing color, toning, and much more with just a few clicks. This is a must-have bundle for professional photographers, bloggers, and for social media users.

This bundle comes with 8 premium Lightroom presets that allows you to give your portraits a smooth porcelain-like effect. These presets are ideal for studio photography and natural light portrait photos.

This is a collection of Lightroom presets you can use to optimize your portraits, fashion photos, and fine art-style photos. The presets will work well with studio photos and natural light photos. It comes with 4 unique presets and 9 different variations of those effects.

Taking great portrait photos during night time and low-light is one of the most difficult parts of photography. This bundle of presets will offer a solution to that problem. This collection includes 20 different Lightroom presets for quickly enhancing nighttime portrait photos and street photography with just one-click.

Give your photos a unique tangerine and gold look using these Lightroom presets. This set includes 20 different presets for adjusting the tone of your photos and give them a stylish tangerine matte feel. The pack also comes with Photoshop action presets as well.

A set of toning Lightroom presets inspired by folk-themed colors and effects. These presets will help you achieve a unique and attractive look in your portrait photos, especially outdoor photos. It includes 7 different presets you can use with different types of portraits.

Create the perfect black and white effect using this bundle of Lightroom presets. This pack includes 10 premium presets you can use to instantly create a professional black and white effect and make your portrait photos stand out from the crowd. They will work well with both studio and outdoor photography.

This is a collection of Lightroom presets made for photographers and graphic designers. It includes a set of 16 presets for quickly retouching photos and adjusting the toning to give your portraits a unique matte feel.

The presets in this pack will help you to highlight specific colors in your portrait photos to create uncommon effects. It comes with 22 Lightroom presets with different styles and effects to use with various types of photos.

This is a special bundle of Lightroom presets made for graphic designers, bloggers, and social media users. It comes with 50 different Lightroom presets for making quick adjustments to your fashion, outdoor, travel, portrait, and many other types of photos with just a few clicks.

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