An overview of of the most useful I use when designing interfaces and digital products. They make my smoother and more productive and I hope they can help you too.

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I recently worked on a design sprint, creating a prototype in Sketch and Flinto. My work colleague was curious about all the ‘nifty Sketch tricks’ (Sketch plugins) I had been using to design the UX/UI.

I promised that I’d share a list of plugins with him so he could try them out. So here it is, 24 Sketch plugins that will help him and any other UX/UI Designers wanting to their design workflow and .

1. Sketch Plugins For Workspace Management


If you’ve ever used Spotlight Search on a Mac as an App launcher, then you’ll find Sketch Runner very familiar. You can launch Runner with a hotkey combo (CMD+’), and then use it to quickly access other plugins, navigate to pages, insert symbols and even install new plugins. It is a massive time-saver.


Artboard Manager

Artboard Manager really intrigued my colleague. He had been wondering how my artboards snapped into place every time I moved them around. This plugin is super handy for keeping your workspace neat and tidy. Give it a try, you’ll never have to manually align or worry about equal spacing between artboards again.



Distributor allows you to select two or more layers and equally distribute them by specifying a value.


Organise Artboards

Having nicely aligned artboards is fine, but that’s just not cricket if they’re not consistently numbered. The Organise Artboards plugin will allow you to automatically number your artboards.



Keeping your artboards and layers properly named is important if you plan to transfer your artwork to an external application for prototyping (such as Flinto or Framer). This plugin lets you batch rename layers and artboards quickly, you can even use regular expressions.


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