Hi I’m Risa working at Graffity inc,.

Graffity is startup based in TOKYO who seeks to go global!
We’re developing a using technology to bring innovation.

Recently, our app Graffity was featured by US App Store in the AR Spotlight section!

So today, I’d like to share important insights I got from AR communication app”.

What is Graffity?

Before getting into main part, let me explain how we can communicate with Graffity. Graffity is a video chat app with AR drawing feature.

Our product concept is

Help people feel closer and funnier wherever and whenever in friendly and innovative ways

You can share drawings with your friend on the video chat!
That means you can play Hangman together and/or create infinite verse of drawings with your dearest friend!

Important and small note:
Graffity is now on Product Hunt!
If you like the design, concept or whatever the feature of Graffity, please Upvote!

1. Design product based on target users’ daily life

First and foremost, you need to know about your target users very well. I know, it’s so basic. Everyone has their daily life with their own routine. If you create product which doesn’t align with thier schedule, your product will never be opened.

To avoid worst senario, we chose one simple solution. Meet and obseve user directly.

Our target users are university students. You know… communication is always created by the younger generation.

We did 10+ interview to find out about their daily habits. After then we observed 5 student’s throughout the day using the shadowing method.

We found out that many university students are chatting with their families and friends using videochat while thy are chilling at dorm.

So, we decided to create an video chat app!

2. Create real time sharable AR experience

Most users’ first reaction towards AR apps are “wow!”. However, very few users come back to use the app again.

What makes Graffity different from other apps using AR kit, is that users are able to share AR doodles in real time.

When you make AR experience sharable in real time, it means every experience is unique and different. You are able to create a unique world together with your friend!

3. Communicate the experience, not the technology.

Ever since the ARkit was release AR technology has been a hot topic. Because of that a lot of AR apps are focusing too much to appeal their AR technology.

However, we found that that users are not looking for AR technology by looking for rich and great experience. That is why we state our app as Video chat app with AR feature. Not AR app focusing on video chat.
Our first priority is to provide enjoyable time with friends.

One last word

Graffity is very challenging and experimental product.
We are still improving to innovate new ways of communication with AR.

Please give us your feedback to our product on Product Hunt!
Also, if you like our product, more than welcome to Upvote!

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