I released an iOS called Pemoji, camera which lets users put Bitmoji in real life. After publishing Pemoji on Product Hunt our App has now been downloaded in more than 50 countries! In this article I will introduce for AR App.

The Idea

Pemoji allows you to create fun videos by placing your avatar, Bitmoji, in the real world. All you need to do is to sign in with Snapchat account and it will give you full access to your Bitmoji stickers. You can fill your friend’s room with your Bitmoji and ride your pet with Bitmoji!

It is super easy to get started. First connect with Snapchat Account.

Then chose the Bitmoji which fit your scene

Record a video

Pemoji is perfect when you don’t want to be in the video. You can qucikly chose and put your Bitmoji in the space and take cute creative videos. Or you can be in the video with your Bitmoji!

3 Tips for designing AR App

Show contents that matches the user’s context.
AR is Augmented Reality, therefore it is very important that you can provide the right context, in this example stamps, according to the context. 
Before GRAFFITY’s app only had several stickers therefore the use cases were limited. However, having access to SnapKit, Peomoji’s users can pick stamps according to the scene.

Keep up with the latest technology and create prototype ASAP

Technology is advancing in great speed. Last month Snap introduced SnapKit.

Kboy, GRAFFITY’s engineer, developed the prototype within 2 days. Although it is important to come up with ideas through user hearing and etc, listening to engineers and creating a tech driven product can also bring creative value to users.

Think as you Create

After working on several AR app, I learnt that there is a limit on designing UI/UX with Sketch and Flinto.

Sketch and Flinto is suitable for designing screen base experience. However with AR, you need to think about what shows up in the camera view. Users interact with the camera very differently according to the situation, therefore creating a perfect UI prototype can be useless.

Therefore while working on AR app, it is best to have an engineer close by and polish the UI as you develop. I have also read on another article that role playing using a cardboard is also helpful.

I personally believe that using AR apps like Snapchat, Slaptastic, Arrow, and Octi and testing out different experience also helps.

Thank you for reading my article! Kboy wrote an article on Qitta, please check it out if you are interested in helpful engineering tips.

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