as one internship ends and another starts…

As my time as a designer at Bosch Power Tools comes to an end I thought it would be suitable to finally record some of my reflections of the past on my first internship. (If you want to skip the more reflective part and jump straight to the , just keep scrolling until the header, I won’t blame you.) To reflect on both the flashy tangible skills I have learnt and the unflashy, more-often-than-not frustrating intangible ones I would have to sit down for an age to separate them — I couldn’t possibly describe the overall type of experience this last year has been.

I entered this position as my first internship, as a sandwich inbetween two years of an Industrial and Technology degree with one more to follow after. I’m thankful enough to mention I couldn’t of found a better internship that values user experience not just as a solution but the better part of a holistic approach as we know it. Bosch has been the perfect playground to explore how experience design is considered and implemented within a large organisation, it’s even shown glimpses of Design Thinking’s potential as a philosophy — something I’ve written a lot about recently.

Exploring the impact of Design Thinking on large organisations…

Part 1: Understanding design thinking, Part2: It’s an approach, not a process, Part3: Why large organisations go crazy for Design Thinking, Part 4: soon…

Of course though, I was never sure what to expect upon arrival. I mean, moving from the UK to Germany isn’t worlds away but it’s something I really struggled with at first. There were many sad evenings, a few last minute flights between Amsterdam and home and countless sleepless nights but thankfully I was fortunate to have the people close to me and my new colleagues to inspire me forward. Since those first few weeks a year ago I’ve written more than 120 Medium articles (maybe I’ve read 1000x more?), built a portfolio website, helped create a TED talk, made lifetime friends, mentors and career contacts all whilst managing to secure another internship for IBM that starts next week! I guess if this is real life in design it’s pretty cool but theres still so much I don’t know.

During my time at Bosch I have been given the opportunity to work on a range of projects with internal and external teams from all different disciplines for the internal business units. This alone has given me the chance to see first hand how experience is considered at each and every different touchpoint through multiple products of a large organisation like Bosch (and how, as an , I could infleunce this consideration of user experience). I could write for an age about these experiences but instead wanted to pin all of these experiences down into the three most effective truths I have uncovered this past year.

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