4 years of helpful errors

We’ve all heard the same old crap of “you learn your best lessons from failure”, “you can’t succeed without screwing up” and so on…

When you’ve screwed up, the last thing you’re thinking about is lesson learning, but the old adages are true. are crucial for all of us.

I don’t like making mistakes and I’ve made lots of them over the years. Looking back they’ve always been my best lessons. When you level up you make mistakes, you learn from them and you progress. I believe if you’re not progressing, you’re pretty much screwed.

We need to make mistakes, so we can:

  • Level up
  • Toughen up
  • Get inspired
  • Grow and evolve
  • Change perspective
  • Gain confidence and courage
  • Learn valuable lessons
  • Face our fears

mistakes that have me as a 

  1. Keeping quiet when I should have spoken up.
  2. Caring what people think.
  3. Focusing on the tools more than the results.
  4. Talking more than listening.
  5. Not selling my ideas well enough.
  6. Taking critiques too personally.
  7. Not trusting my gut and intuition enough.
  8. Not levelling up getting too comfortable.
  9. Not having a strategy to be successful, just drifting.
  10. Being content with average designs.
  11. Under-communicating with developers.
  12. Trying to design something perfectly.
  13. Not thinking outside the problem when trying to solve it.
  14. Saying no to speaking opportunities because of fear.
  15. Taking the easy path and learning less as a result.
  16. Not digging deep enough into a problem.
  17. Jumping into Sketch too soon.
  18. Trying to be too elaborate with prototypes rather being quick and dirty.
  19. Rushing to find a solution rather than following the process and being patient.
  20. Caring what people think about what I write.
  21. Taking things too seriously and getting stressed.
  22. Not stepping back and asking why, why, why more often.
  23. Thinking I’m not a real designer for too long and letting it hold me back.
  24. Staying in my comfort zone rather than moving to a new job.
  25. Letting toxic people affect me.
  26. Not believing in myself enough.
  27. Not giving enough context for people to fairly critique my work.
  28. Worrying how others are progressing, thinking I’m behind.
  29. Trying to keep up with what’s going on in the world of tech.
  30. Not adapting to change and getting frustrated.
  31. Waiting for permission to grab something and improve it.
  32. Waiting for people to say that’s amazing work.
  33. Not being patient with my learning.
  34. Not battling hard enough for what was the right thing to do.

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