Don’t tell me that popups are frustrating!

Truth be told, if you overuse them, then they WILL be frustrating for visitors.

And yeah, your website bounce rate will start skyrocketing.

But there are a few types of really website popups that you can make use of in order to drive desired actions. And I am not talking about capturing emails only. A lot of savvy marketers and product people have found exciting for popups.

So, the more creative your is, the happier your site visitors will be. This is as easy as 2X2=. Now, let’s dive in and see ideas that I suggest thinking about.

Offer free shipping with an entry popup

How many times have you been looking at a product to then find out its shipping costs are way too high? Well, this is a common problem all online shoppers encounter on a daily basis. And I imagine how happy you get when you see that a particular product has got free shipping!

So, as an e-commerce store owner, you could think about setting up a “free shipping” campaign for specific products for a specific timeframe. Once you think everything over, let your site visitors and potential buyers know about your “free shipping” by dropping an entry popup once they land on your website.

An entry popup is the type of popup that appears as soon as your site has loaded. This means that the site visitor can engage with the rest of your website only after engaging with the popup, i.e., clicking to proceed with what it offers or skipping it.

So, if you are going to offer “free shipping” for a range of products, make sure to show some of those products on the popup. You can ask them to either create an account with you or browse the landing page that you have designed specifically for those products that you ship for free.

Offer your core services right at the beginning with an entry popup

Again, an entry popup which you already know about. While you can offer a discount or coupon code or free shipping with an entry popup, you can also ask people to go to your sign up page and get started with your product. Why waste precious time, right?

But be careful with popups like this. People might want to explore your landing page/homepage before they decide whether they need a product/service of yours. Asking them to sign up right away might not be the coolest thing to do.

So make sure to test this kind of entry popup. It might work for someone else, but it might not work for you or vice versa.

Yet another entry popup.

Offer a discount with a scroll popup

Scroll popups appear when the reader has scrolled down a certain percentage of the page. Usually, it’s a blog post page. When someone reads more than the half of your blog post, then you can assume that they are interested in what you are saying. That’s the perfect moment to offer the reader something. And that something can be a discount coupon code or a free eBook to download or anything else that can be useful for them. Just make sure to have an interested visitor. And scrolling more than the half of your page is a good indicator for you.

I got this popup after I scrolled more than half of a blog post on Neil Patel’s website.

Use a tiny side popup for newsletter subscriptions

Newsletter subscription popups usually appear on the blog page. It’s better to do this because your blog readers are the people who are the most interested in your stories. These people would most likely take time to read your newsletters, too. So, maybe you could engage and entertain them with a nicely-designed side popup that asks to subscribe to your newsletter. Don’t forget about being witty and adding an excellent call-to-action.

Buffer uses a nice side popup for newsletter subscriptions. Once you scroll the Blog page a bit, this cute little thing appears.

At the end

Popups might or might not work for you. Even if these popup ideas have worked flawlessly for other companies, they might not work for YOU. So make sure to have a few variants in place and to test, test, test. Let me know what you think about this. Do you think all websites should have popups or maybe only e-commerce website can afford them?

Feel free to comment below.

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