Any new company need to have its own . It should be nice looking, unique and reflect company values. What is the best way to design in for small company?

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If you have a serious budget in the amount of $5k and more, then you can order a logo from the design studio. But what if you’re small and just started. Probably you have no extra money and don’t want to pay ‘money for nothing’ as the logo itself doesn’t promote you and bring new customers.

The first way is to order a logo from a freelancer. The price will be lower compared to design studios, but what you’ll get as a result? Nobody knows. Usually designer provides 3 logo options and thats it. Need more — pay more. Also you’ll need to wait weeks. What if you want to control the process, but don’t want to design your logo itself?

If you want to create a logo for a small budget and quickly, then the best choice would be to use logo generator. You control process and result. You and logo generator are authors of your logo. Logo generator just uses your inspiration and vision of logo and suggest you options of your logo with ability to edit result.

In 2018, online logo can create a truly beautiful logo. In this post you will see the best online logo generators for 2018. I evaluated these services comprehensively, based on the ease of creating a logo, design and price. Let’s start!

1. Turbologo

The best service in the sum of all points. I was fascinated by the simplicity of creating a logo and the quality of the result. In this service, the logo does not need to be drawn from scratch by yourself, painfully selecting fonts and aligning elements. Only not in 2018!

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After entering the name of the company and the desired parameters of the logo, the service immediately began to generate excellent design options.
The design is close to minimalist: simple shapes, beautiful colors and a clear arrangement of elements.

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Just what you need in 2018, when the time of complicated logos is faraway. The editor has hundreds of font options, and the icon collection has millions of images.

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Very reasonable price for downloading the result. The service offers several options for downloading a logo picture, including a logo with a transparent background, black and white and color options. This is very convenient, because it will be easy to put a logo on a photo. Vector logo files allow you to use the logo for any further design.

I like the opportunity to order the design of business cards, letterhead and envelope. After filling out a simple text form, the business package will be ready within just 24 hours, which is great!

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The business package is offered at a very modest price. I think that freelancers take much more for such a set of services, and they do it longer.

The service has online support working 7 days a week. So I highly recommend Turbologo as the most convenient and complete service for creating a logo.

2. LogoJoy

This service is also good as previous in terms of logo design, but with some limitations. The process of creating a logo is also very simple. Few minutes and you can see the first results.
LogoJoy has a very nice interface and it’s very easy to use.

Logos generated by LogoJoy

I rate the results of the generator as average (8 from 10 stars). Because sometimes it seems that the generator takes just random combinations and does not try to offer the best. This doesn’t looks like AI powered algorithm as promoted by service. I’d say this is more marketing rather real AI.

Overall LogoJoy received fewer points, because of the higher price, restrictions on editing the result after purchase and simpler business-package (it is possible to create only business cards).

3. Canva Logo Maker

Canva is the universal service for creating different graphical design: advertising, postcards, Facebook or Instagram posts and everything else.
But the service offers a high-quality set of modern templates for logo design.

Logos created by Canva

The best thing I really like in these templates is that it’s non-standard. All logo generator services are working with common universal templates and doesn’t offer non-standard design options. Here with Canva I can see original design created by human, not ‘AI powered’ and this is a big plus.

You just need to choose the proposed template and replace the company name with your own. The disadvantage of this approach is that the uniqueness of the logo is lost. You can be sure that somebody already created logo with the same template, because Canva is one of the most popular service for design in the world. Making a change in design require from you to be designer, because there is no generator or smart-suggest tools. You can unintentionally spoil logo design while making custom logo.

Example of logo from Canva

The big advantage of service is the free download of the logo for most templates. Don’t be in a hurry to be very happy, because you can only download a picture, without vector files. This means that you will not be able to fully use the logo for the design of other graphic elements. And this is a significant disadvantage.

Overall good service where you can find modern logo template if you not really concern about uniqueness.

4. Wix Logo Maker

An interesting service that is auxiliary to — a service for creating a website online.

Logos generated by Wix Logo Maker

Simple interface and quite a good result. The editor allows you to choose color schemes, which is very convenient if you want to create a multi-colored logo.
However, the number of possible patterns is very limited. There is no possibility to make a logo with an inscription drawn inside a beautiful container.
Among the shortcomings, we note the lack of support, the business package, and the lack of various patterns.

5. TailorBrands

One of the most widely known services for creating logos. This service has been around for a long time and probably therefore generates logos with a less modern design than the previous ones. The advantage is the low price in case you need just a logo image, without the possibility of further editing and additional services.

Logos created by TailorBrands

You can see that generated logos are not similar to the results of previous generators, which means you can choose the original logo design.

The service provides a monthly and annual fee for services, which is not always necessary. I don’t think that you really need to edit your logo within 1 or 2 years, so it’s waste of money. In additional services, TailorBrands has a set of seasonal design, social analytics, covers for social networks and many other things.

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