2. Genuinely connect with others

Strive for meaningful interactions.

Photo Credit : Tony Jing

As an intern, humbly embrace your role. We are new to the and technology industries, and have a lot to learn. It’s okay to not know something. Seek advice from others and continuously strive to learn.

These moments of connecting with others need to be genuine however. I’ve met many young designer’s who only want a LinkedIn request out of a conversation, or a chance to compare each other’s portfolios in an attempt to one-up the other. Strive to have more meaningful conversations that could potentially reveal truths for both sides.

An example from my experience was through the 1:1’s I had with fellow designers, design interns and ux researchers. I scheduled some time to take a walk or to have lunch with these individuals, and I can’t express enough how valuable these conversations turned out to be. I not only learned so much about these people’s backgrounds, design philosophy’s and common interest, but each conversation was filled with a unique set of insights. I find myself to this day, referencing the career advice, inspiration and knowledge gained during these conversations.

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