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Your UX Design Career — Year 1

  1. You paid $10,000 💵 for boot camp to change to a career. It seems a bit suss expecting to get into this new world after only a three-month course, but you give it a crack.
  2. You start the boot camp 🏋️‍ , and you’re pumped. You do three pretend projects to get a real job. You begin to panic.
  3. Cleaning up your LinkedIn Profile 🤦‍. You add the title UX Designer to it, with a spiel of how you’re a great problem solver. Urghhh, you feel a bit of sick in your mouth calling yourself a UX designer 🤢.
  4. You’ve reasoned (lied) with yourself “screw it, I AM a real UX designer, I think.” Then you see all these other titles out there, and you think “shit, have I chosen the right title?”
  5. Like all good students, you read a UX design article. This one is titled; ‘Why UX, UI, CX, IA, IxD, and Other Sorts of Design Are Dumb’. What is this madness, what industry have I got myself in to? Bugger this, too much confusion; you decide to call up a mate to go get drunk🍺.
  6. It’s the next day; you’re hungover. You look at your LinkedIn, and you changed your title (while intoxicated) to UX/UI/CX/IA/IxD Designer. You panic and revert back to UX Designer. You then think Oh God “Maybe Product Designer sounds better.”
  7. You manage to blag your way through an interview and get your first UX Design position. You’re earning more than you did in your previous job, but you know less and have less (no) experience. You’re stoked and slightly confused.
  8. The morning arrives. You’re off to your new job. “Shit, what should I wear, casual, smart casual, collar, no collar, what are the rules for working in digital.’ 🤵
  9. You’re at the iteration kick off. You don’t even know what that means. You stand there bricking it in your blue blazer, chinos and smart shoes. You die a little bit inside realising you’ve dressed like a complete twat. Someone asks for new starters to introduce themselves. You die a little bit more.
  10. You spend the first months trying to ascertain what the hell everyone is talking about; API’s, back-end, agile, back-end grooming, branches, bugs, commits, dev-ops, pull requests, sprints and spikes. You start to think what else useful you could have done with that $10,000.
  11. OK, so you made it past your trial period. If you got fired now at least you could say it was a three-month contract, no questions asked. (what other industry could we get away with this, amazing + ).
  12. You’ve read a thousand articles on UX Design (most of which you don’t understand). You’re still lost and of course, confused.
  13. The company you work at uses Sketch. You’ve never used the Adobe Suite, so your sweating to get up to speed. 😰
  14. Reading the next thousand articles, you realise that there are 100 tools you could/should use to prototype. You try to forget you ever read about them; too hard on the brain, too confusing.
  15. As time goes by, you start to get going. You’ve got this. After being the sidekick on a few projects, you’re let loose on your own.
  16. You want to do the structured process you learnt at boot camp. You want to get through that double diamond 💎💎. Diverging and converging into a remarkable feature. Something that the users will love.
  17. You ask lots of questions, and you hope people don’t ask you too many. You spend substantial time trying to cover your arse. People keep asking for the UX like it’s a straight deliverable. More confusion.
  18. Through a mixture of luck and a bit more luck, 🍀 you’re ready to finalise the designs. Then you realise that UI design was not in your LinkedIn title. “What the hell, this is going to look like a piece of shit, did I miss that bootcamp class.” More confusion and panic.
  19. You get help. You’ve muddled through the process. It was all a bit of a rush. You couldn’t do much research or much testing or much of anything, but hey ho. In fact, they told you what to design.
  20. Confusing but what the hell — You’re a UX Designer now.

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