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Bomgar.com, a leading remote access and support platform, recently ran a multiple change A/B test on one of their pages. Here are the changes which were tested with a nice positive outcome – some of which were inspired by our evidence-based patterns.

The Test
The A/B test results showing a % increase to (measured by next visits)

The Changes

Here are the 6 things that were changed (interpreted by me).

UI Details
The B variation with the 6 changes
  1. More Subtle Branding
    The first thing you might notice comparing A and B, is that the variant de-emphasized the logo. The Bomgar logo has been shrunk in size, and lost its strong contrast orange background strip.
  2. Centered Forms – Fastforward Pattern #13
    The input forms have been centered, gaining in additional attention. This is a powerful layout change which we have observed to perform numerously in past experiments.
  3. Fewer Form Fields – Fastforward Pattern #3
    Some of the form fields such as first name, last name and company were removed – a classic friction removal pattern.
  4. Button Label Change
    Instead of “Try Free”, the button was changed to “Create My Account”. Could “account creation” hold more value from a feeling of ownership than a trial?
  5. Clarifying Image
    An image was added showing two dekstop computers – possibly reinforcing the idea of access between one computer and another.
  6. Shifted Descriptions
    Finally, the 3 benefit descriptions were pushed further down on the page (as the form was centered).

Share Your Thoughts

Are there any other key reasons why you think the B variation outperformed the control? Please share your thoughts as a comment.

Source link https://goodui.org/blog/6-landing-page-changes-for-30-signups-on-bomgar-com/


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