Speed ​​up the presentation of your new design project with these that I found for you!

We are well aware of the importance of adequately presenting our work, whether it is a brand or a graphic layout. The helps us in this work, being able to represent our work in a realistic and impactful way. Many their own prototypes with Photoshop or Illustrator, but I want to present some tools that allow you to directly in the browser or with applications/plugins created specifically for this.

I found these tools that can help us create a mockup appropriate to the product we want to present. Let’s see together!

1. Mockuuups Studio (free + premium)


Mockuuups Studio is an application for macOS and Windows that allows you to work with mockups in easier and faster way. The app is made up of everything you need to create product prototypes in seconds, marketing materials and even visual content for social media or blog posts.

Mockuuups Studio is very simple to use, you just have to drag-and-drop your design into the app for creating beautiful apps previews and marketing materials. The free version gives you the possibility to use 5 Mockups and export 10 High-Res images.

The Premium version instead includes 300+ Mockups, monthly updates of content on new devices, moreover, there is the possibility of a practical integration for Sketch and Photoshop. 
To see the result of your search for the prototype in the library and have the highest quality with confidence you can get a preview of the mockup, simply drag and drop the screenshot into the model you want to use and the program will insert it automatically, aligned and resized.
If you want to download Mockuuups Studio this is the link: Mockuuups Studio.

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