Around the end of November 201, I finished a 10 week UX and Product Design bootcamp at General Assembly Bitmaker in Toronto and wrote an article about My Experience in a UX Design Bootcamp. I still consider it one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and want to update the people who have read my article and followed my story on where I am now.

When you decide to quit your job in order to immerse yourself in a program designed to change your career quickly, it comes with a host of anxieties and uncertainties about the decision you’ve made. This is not the path I would encourage everyone to take as their are no guarantees. However, if you feel like you have the talent, the funds and a support system that will allow you to pursue this path, I say go for it. Do your research, comb the internet, talk to past students, talk to the staff at the bootcamps you are looking into and choose what feels right for you.

That being said, when I was looking into bootcamps there was a severe lack of content about what happens after. Stats are great and all but first hand experiences are what I craved for reassurance.

I’ve gotten tons of emails from readers of my last post asking me for an update (I’m sorry I couldn’t answer you all). So here is my story, of what I’ve been up to since graduating Bitmaker in Nov 2017.

Cliche Path to Success Image

Undoubtedly you’ve seen this image before. For my story, it is incredibly apt.

When I began my journey to becoming a Designer, I was pretty sure I would graduate Bitmaker and within 3 , have a job in Toronto as a UX/UI Designers for a hip Toronto startup.

What actually happened was 6 months of a series of life events which landed me back in my hometown of Kingston, Jamaica where I currently work as a “Delivery Intern” for a really cool Canadian Ecommerce Customer Experience Agency.

Now you may be asking, Martynne, what is a Delivery Intern, that doesn’t sound like a UX Designer? You’re right. When I finished my UX Program, I was also offered a free part time Front End Web Dev course which ultimately is what got me this particular job. For this company, a Delivery Intern is a pretty general job title they place on all their interns. One of the great things about this company is that their big on learning and their internships are pretty open, so that you get the experience many different aspects of the development process. So while my primary speciality and goal is UX Design, in my current role, I am learning how to do A/B testing with Google Optimize, and currently learning how to develop apps with React Native and as of writing this, I’m only in week 4 of this internship.

It isn’t the full UX Designer role I imagined I would have as I left Bitmaker all those months ago, but it is one of the best learning experiences I could have in that ultimately I will benefit in being able to effectively communicate with developers my design ideas when I am in a full fledge UX role.

I write all of that, not to brag (well maybe a little), but to say that when you take a leap of faith in a career change, you never know where you may end up. I cannot tell you what is the best UX in the world, I cannot advise you how you can best learn UX Design and I especially cannot tell you that if you go to a UX that you will absolutely have a job waiting for you at the end of it.

What I can tell you is that if you are truly passionate about the industry in general, passionate about constantly learning and love solving new problems then you should do well, not matter how you choose to learn design or what path you end up on. It just takes, persistence, patience and a little luck.

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