Opportunity Assessment Technique

This technique is a simplified version of . It will allow you to assess fast and easy the idea you have for your product. So once you have the problem you want to solve, answer these four critical questions:

  1. What business goal is this work/feature/idea intended to address?
  2. How will you know if you succeeded? (Key Performance Indicator/s)
  3. What problem will this solve for our customers?
  4. What type of customers are we focused on?

And one important point here is to make sure that the problem you are trying to solve is not focused on a set of specialist customers. Because we have a limited amount of time, resources and space for our product. You can’t concentrate on building N number of features. You have limited space. See it as the space you have available in your apartment.

For example, customers want a video chat feature for our app. But only 10% of our customers are going to use it. And by building the chat feature, it will take 30% of the space and resources we have for our product. A better way is to find and build a feature that 30% of our customers are going to use and it will take 30% of the space and resources you have.

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