This will be a step by step guide for creating more meaningful and creative logo’s for businesses.

Start — chapter one

a logo is one of the things we love to do and don’t love to do at the same time. Most of the time we fail at the presentations when trying to convince our clients into buying what we have designed. The of a logo is similar to a house or a car.

The design of the car depends on how we approach needs and wants of users. The car and the house should be good looking and long lasting and safe to live in or drive. If we design a car or a house or car without looking into the taste of the target audience and the taste of people who are going to pay for you to get the design, we fail at our final output.

Creating a logo should be a fun thing and it should be on target as much as possible. The design of the logo should consider the audience who are going to be viewing it, the environment the logo will be presented in, the materials which going to be used to construct the logo you have created.

In this chapter, I am going to tell you how we can create a meaningful logo by looking into the values that need to preserve and to design a cool logo at the same time. In chapter one, we will look into the basics.

Where to start? — know your client first

Most of the time a logo is designed when a client comes to the designer and tell his or her needs. You are requested to create a design which is pleasurable to the client, engage its target audience, standouts from anything competitors have come up with and at the end to create a wonderful design for a logo.

So how are you going to start?

First of all try go gain an understanding on clients likes and dislikes when come to logos, what his or her’s preferences are and expectations are. You might now tell me that “Why should I start from there?”. The answer is simple. If you don’t look in to the taste and needs the target audience will never see the masterpease you have created.

What are the things you need to find from your client?

  1. Most of the time we can ask questions about the client’s businesses or products or services that they are doing. Talk about the mediums that they are using to promote and conduct businesses. If you can ask for the marketing materials that they have created or designed to promote their business. You can ask for brochures, website links, photos details about promotional events and what marketing materials they used in the events. Ask if your clients have done any videos or paper advertisements regarding their organization. These materials will tell you what is the business is about and keep your work-related.
  2. Meet with your client and have a small brainstorming session for words that you can use on the logo. Most of the time clients are really concern about the logo text. It should explain what the logo and the product are about. The wordings should bring positive aspects of the product or the business to the target audience.
  3. Try to get the idea of what is 100% included in the design. It can either be a color, or a text or a element which is on their mind that should be a must. Communicate more in intermediate stages to avoid rejection of the logo at the end
  4. Talk to your client and ask about his or her’s target audience. The thing we don’t understand is the logo which is being created, is not for your personal use and in reality it’s not for your client’s use. The client is developing the logo with you for his/ her target audience. It is a really important factor when coming to logo design. Now what you have to do is to ask your client who your target audience is. Sometime they might have a direct answer to you but in most cases, they might not have an idea about what you are asking about. So what you can do is a focus group study by drawing down personas and understanding user groups. You will be able to understand what media is favored by the targeted audience. You can have a look into their color preferences, font types, style of design by the personas you have identified.
  5. The most important thing you need to look in to in a business is the Rivals. Every business has a rival. You need to focus on creating a notably different and hopefully better design than what the rivals have done. In the case of rivals, you need to look at two basic things.
    1. Who the client’s competition is
    2. What dose the competitions logos and promotional materials looks like.You can ask for a list of competitors in the marker from your client. He or she will be able to look into some of them. You can also conduct a small research on it. When you find the competitors take a close look at how your competitors do their promotions and how they conduct their marketing. Take a really close look at the colors, typefaces, styles, and methods they have put to make the design. If you are making a logo for a client in a country such as USA, UK, Norway or Australia you have to look into their design languages as well. Do a small research on their cultural values and marketing techniques that they are using for similar products. This will give you a better idea of how they apply color, make design decisions and approach their target audience.

Ones you done the above things you can set a goal to create the client’s logo in a way that is unique and addressing to the target audience and needs of the client. This will also increase the chances of getting the logo correct and making your design being seen by the target audience.

In my next article i am going to talk about how we can use objects and text to make a logo align with your findings. See you all in my next article. Thank you for tolerating. I would love a constructive feedback from all of you. You can always follow on the links I have used to write this article.

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