Many times we find ourselves sending a link to intriguing and funny clips, such as: TED talks or playful animals. I have always been looking into an option of framing specific time-line in youtube clips sent as links.

copy video URL at current time

It has recently occurred to me that it’s not possible to send a fragmented time frame of a clip, but only from a currently viewed time on time line.

I was surprised to see that they made it, youtube is awesome!

But still, something was missing.

So what is the deal? what can you do better?

I love youtube very much, and I love to watch it’s effervescent contents.

However, the option of sending a time-fragment from a specific youtube clip, seemed to me as more essential than ever.

Let’s assume for instance, that a university Professor is willing to refer his students to a specific time-frame from a lengthy lecture on youtube. Using the current option will allow him only to share a link connecting to a specific time point of the lecture. Thus, the teacher will have to attend to the menial errand of indicating separately the desired time-frame from the lecture.

So I thought of a little feature that can do the trick

The suggested feature will allow users to mark down a desired and specific time-line from youtube clips, by marking both starting and end points.

One marker will be used to set the beginning of the time-frame and the other, the end. After both markers are set, the desired time-frame copies automatically as a URL, And the user can paste it where he wants.

putting an IN point and an OUT point

The thinking process

The thought that guided me in the process of designing the feature is to avoid inadvertent Marking, while users are positioning the markers. Thus the new feature has to be operated dragging the mouse or double clicking or by scrubbing it.Therefore, I decided it fit to locate the new option underneath the existing one, that is only allowing, as recalled, sending links from a specific time point. the option will be accessible, though, through the menu when you right click your mouse. I also had in mind the advanced users who require a keyboard shortcut. Such a short cut could be the right bracket key for the IN point and left bracket key for the OUT point.

how the keyboard shortcuts work

Overall, I have chosen a blend of two options: right click on the mouse and also a keyboard shortcut.

If users want to copy a specific time laps, they will have to position time markers to the specific time points; then right clicks on the mouse for the command put IN point then he drags the play head to the next specific time and right clicks again on the mouse for “set the out point and copy URL”.

What if the users wish to clear the markers and watch the video without the markers? So they may be right clicking on one of the markers and click on the option “clear markers”.Alternatively, they can drag one of the markers up or down from the timeline and it will go away.

So what do you think?

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