If you are a UX designer who enjoys sketching rapid prototypes, testing it and getting feedback quickly, then I recommend you meet this couple that I encountered in my early days as a designer. When I met Adobe XD — my life changed for the better. For the first time, I was able to design all of the ideas that I had in mind, without running into the friction of having to code in HTML and CSS. Adobe XD was a relatively new software program that had just the necessary tools for a designer to design a proof of concept. Now, there is an entire community designing intuitive interfaces and pushing their projects on faster.

However, there was a huge problem that designers faced when using Adobe XD…… Interactive prototyping.

When users look at our apps. We want them to feel the entire experience. The motion in between each UI, the smoothness of the app and ultimately, the emotional connection that a great design brings. We as designers could not have done that with only Adobe XD and the opportunity cost to learn a completely different Adobe platform (After effects) was just not cutting it for us who love to design quickly and effectively.

This is when I learned about Protopie

Protopie is an emerging prototyping tool that helps you create agile and clean interactions as easy as pie!

When I first began using it, it was like walking into Disney World for the first time. My eyes were glazed at the clean, yet effective design layout. Protopie began changing the way I think about designing apps/websites.

A professor at Stony Brook University once told me “The goal for effective design, is to emulate the elements of the psychical world onto a digital platform.” In a way, all the apps that we use have somewhat of a human interaction towards it. Every day people get a thrill of using platforms that makes them feel like they are part of this virtual world. Now ProtoPie enables you to emulate these instances by selecting different types of triggers and responses that is sure to turn your app idea into a real life experience.

The Dynamic

Now Protopie by itself is an effective tool as it is! However, the ProtoPie decided to take their approach to another level by partnering with Adobe XD. This compatible relationship has completely changed the way designers build apps now. You can sketch rapid prototypes on Adobe XD, and with a single (Drag and Drop) — Your Adobe XD design is now in ProtoPie for you to motion design. YES, they did it. They have completely removed the friction of endless software tools and extensive steps to launch an app or website.

Adobe XD is for free. Protopie is $99 a year so you are not paying for two separate platforms.

As en entrepreneur, I’m actively using multiple software tools that end up draining my monthly income. Imagine, having an Adobe creative cloud on top of your phone bill, Amazon prime account, etc. The monthly bill can get steep and makes it difficult for us entrepreneurs to stay focused on our work.

I was able to reach out to Tony Kim, Founder & CEO of ProtoPie and explained to him on why I could not afford to use the ProtoPie software.

This is usually a risky bet, most CEOs will usually never respond to a customer and you will be forced to speak to their customer experience manager. However, Tony was different. He heard me out and showed empathy in my situation. He offered me the license for free in exchange that I become more active in the ProtoPie community. This is a a fair exchange!

I’m not only using ProtoPie because of it’s Hi fidelity prototyping. I am using it now because, for the first time, I was able to meet an empathetic CEO who listening to my story and made an effort to still let me use their platform.

Try ProtoPie and Adobe XD and you will see the change in your productivity, almost overnight! Comment and let me know how your experience goes.

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