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I am Adnan, I am an entrepreneur and a full-stack designer. Let me confess that I hate to type codes. I have always looked for ways to design and develop websites without typing code. I tried Wix, Squarespace, imcreater, WordPress etc. I must admit that while these tools are good, they lack customization.

I then tried to learn HTML, CSS, and JS but alas it was really difficult, manual and boring. One day magic happened, I discovered a that is too good to be real. This is called Webflow and it changed my life.

Why is Webflow different?

Much more than a drag and drop tool:

This is how Webflow designer looks

Webflow is not just a simple drag and drop tool like, you need to understand code and structure website like in CSS. You need to understand what are containers, flexboxes etc. This allows me to have the ultimate creative expression when it comes to website design. One can even design complex dashboards using this tool.

A CMS so lean I am in love with it

Intro to Webflow editor

Webflow makes it easy to design a custom website if I host a website using Webflow, it will be completely dynamic and has very lean cms. I’ll not talk much about it just see the video above.

Interactions that are magical

HelloHeco website recording

Webflow has introduced Interactions 2.0, they are so powerful that I can literally make almost any type of interactions I want using it. Check out the website of a digital agency called Heco, it was built using Webflow, they took the interactions to next level.

Export it all, use it anywhere

code export example

If one is working on an application with a complicated back-end, the code can be exported as clean HTML that can be used by back-end developers to deliver awesome products.

WordPress? There is a solution 😉

the landing page of udesly

Although I highly advocate people using Webflow CMS, many times clients prefer WordPress, no hard feelings for that as there is a tool called Udesly that handles that for you.

A tool of future

Webflow is a revolutionary tool I think five years from Webflow or a similar tool will become an industry standard. A similar fashion is followed in mobile app development, for instance in Xcode I can develop 80% of front-end without knowing swift using storyboard.

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