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Online shopping is very convenient as with our busy lives, we order choose the items we like whenever we get time, without having to physically go to a store and place the order in one click. In the next 3–5 days our is at the door!

One unfortunate side-effect of this modern-buying system is the package either getting stolen or getting delivered to a wrong address. This has become a serious problem. To avoid these problems, Amazon has set up Amazon lockers at shopping malls and also designed a smart Amazon key system that will allow the driver to keep the package inside the door. Doing someone online research I found many posts where people had faced this kind of a problem.

Posts of packages delivered to a wrong address

Amazon has started taking pictures as well when the driver delivers a package. That’s a great idea as it helps one know whether it got stolen or has been delivered to a wrong address. Amazon’s customer service is awesome to help with these kinds of problems. They either refund fully for the item or replace the item. But what if we could find a way to reduce the possibility of items getting delivered to wrong address?

What if there was a system to track the items when they were on the way to a wrong address? What if could help with such notifications?

I had an imaginary system in mind and wanted to share it with you. This is how it might work.

Step 1: Placing the order

When placing the order on amazon, user enters the shipping address by typing in the field and by pinning the location (optional) on the map, just like Uber. Pinning the location could be optional, if users want added security and accuracy for the delivery. It would be difficult to pin the accurate location in all the scenarios, for example, when ordering a gift for a friend.

Alternatively. Alexa can pin the exact location for the user.

Enter Address and Pin the location on map

Step 2: Wait for the Order 🙂

Step 3: Tracking the Order when it is out for delivery

Now when the item is out for delivery, Amazon has the exact location from where the order was placed either by the user or by Alexa. Based on the driver’s location, when the order is just 2 stops away Alexa starts notifying about the package’s exact location.

As it comes closer, the driver gets notification from Alexa that s/he is near the location. Just like Uber has a sticker notification system, that turns the sticker green for the driver when s/he is nearing the rider. Amazon’s package driver gets notified by Alexa on her/his phone that s/he is at the right location or has moved away. Alexa guides the driver when s/he is going away from the location and also notifies user about that.

Step 4: Receive the package

Once the driver locates the right address for delivery, Alexa notifies the driver and user about the same and that now the package should be delivered. When the package is kept at the door, Alexa confirms the delivery.

I hope you enjoyed reading this idea! If you have any feedback or suggestions or new ideas, then please post them. I would love to hear them all. Thanks for reading!

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