The importance of the research lies in helping the designer to support concepts, influence the creative process and ultimately to emphasize with the final user.

A research based project can help to define the way the problems will be solved and to illustrate the value of the proposed solutions.

The analysis of the is an initial strategy that can be performed as part of a general UX research strategy and its objectives are:

  1. Discover and analyze past and actual references from the company and its competitors
  2. Evaluate market conditions
  3. Delimit the problem
  4. Learn from past failed efforts

But how do I get the expected outcome of this strategy?

There are 2 techniques that can be done in order to generate what is expected from this strategy, those are: the content audit and competitive analysis.

Content Audit

The content audit is an exhaustive analysis of the written material that the company has (marketing material, web-sites, documentation, etc) and the communication’s channels that these messages are sent. In this analysis the designer needs to evaluate:

  1. Target of the message (for who?)
  2. Content of the message (to say what?)
  3. The way the message is being told

Another key factors of this audit are:

  1. Reception of the message
  2. If the message is understood as expected

This technique should be performed at the beginning of the research process and the information that is collected in this phase can be translated into direct improvement actions in the following creative phases of the project.

Competitive Analysis

The competitive analysis is a way to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your competitor in order to take smarter and more accurate decisions about your product/service strategy.

The idea of this technique is to show the company how the product or service can stand out from the competitors. The expected outcome of this technique are a set of documents with the following topics:

  1. Market segment
  2. Target group
  3. User value
  4. Social media presence
  5. Tone and content

This technique should be also performed at the begging of the research process.

Remember that the analysis of the written material can be taken as a kick off for your product/service strategy and that will have direct impact in your creative process.

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