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Today’s launch has been many months in the making. So before getting into the details, here’s a bit of back-story.

After the relaunch of UX Academy last year — which massively boosted the rigor of the program — we spent time listening to feedback, tweaking the curriculum, and continuing to improve the platform and course experience. Generally, we wanted to ensure that UX Academy was in the best place it could be.

After that, we began to shift our focus to hiring partnerships, both as a way to maximize the employability of our graduates, and to reach companies in need of high-quality junior designers.

In the early days, putting the Talent program together was mainly about building a network of partners — emailing and calling people, making new connections, and following up opportunities.

Personally speaking, one of the nicest things about being responsible for this work was the fact that Designlab pretty much sells itself.

I’ve been in positions where it was my job to endorse a product that wasn’t great. But at Designlab, the rigor of the course is plain for all to see, and it’s reflected in the quality of the graduate portfolios I was able to share with new hiring partners.

The product is one thing, but one surprise from the process of building the Talent network has been how excited partners got about our overall culture. Designlab is a community of driven students and mentors, working remotely and internationally.

It turns out that hiring partners understand and connect with that energy.

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