Happy August, friends of Balsamiq!

As cliche as it sounds, I’m really excited to tell you what we have been up to development-wise this month. We had two really cool releases!

First, on the Balsamiq Cloud front, we released one of our most requested features, Project History.

When we launched Balsamiq Cloud last September, we still weren’t sure how to best implement project history. We knew we wanted to do it (because it was something our myBalsamiq customers got a lot of use out of) but we still had to figure out how to make it awesome in Cloud. We’re really happy we can finally share it with you. You can read more about how Project History works in our documentation.

In addition to Project History, we fixed a lot of bugs in both Balsamiq Cloud and the Balsamiq Wireframes editor. We have another big cool feature coming soon – stay tuned for that!

The other (and completely unexpected) release this month was an update to Mockups 3 for Desktop. We are heads-down on building Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop, so Mockups 3 for Desktop hasn’t gotten a lot of attention recently (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). However, when a user named Tristan let us know they had found a fix for one of our longest standing bugs, we immediately started working on a release. I cannot tell you how long this crash bug has plagued Mockups 3 for Desktop – it’s in the top 5 for the most reported bug – and we are just so happy to have it fixed. A big thanks to Tristan for helping us finally fix this bug. You can download the updated version (3.5.16) now. 😉

Besides that, we are getting ever closer to our beta releases of Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop (our forthcoming native desktop applications). We should have more on that soon…

Until next month, friends. Happy Wireframing!

Brendan for the Balsamiq Team

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