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This is the way that Reza and I always do in every single project we working on.

Same Page

Make sure we are all on the same page and same goals. So you can easily work together as a team. The whole team should focus on the user/customer in mind. Don’t assume! Align your efforts with the business goals, tech capability and also best experience from . Always testing your assumptions to the real users and work based on data.

Work more closely might help your communications issue. Define problems and goals together. Your team will be more aligned and you have more perspective to make a decisions.

Honest and Open

When you offer an idea, to some extent, you are saying, “This is who I am,” and that line between who you are and what you do begins to become very fuzzy.

Never let things get personal. When you or your team facing the problems, discuss immediately and find a solution right away. Always prepare a solution for every problem that we found. Reza and I always spare 1–2 hours at the end of the sprint to evaluate each other and don’t forget to give good feedback.


We are all smart and we are all know how to be a leader. But, sometimes we forgot how to collaborate and listen to each other ideas, sometimes we do forgot to understand our team members.

Listen is easier said than done. So we must really do respect each other to listen to their ideas or opinions. Avoid to discard the feedback without really understanding why it matters. Make extra effort to understand what each other mean when they talking about their opinion and then take decision by considering from the eagle view.

Respect each others

Trying to accept team weaknesses and accept team opinion when it’s more make sense to the product goals and also put aside our ego, ego is the ultimate killer on a team. Respect to each others role who have different difficulties.

Always support each team members in any conditions.

“We are not a team because we work together, we are a team because we RESPECT, TRUST & CARE for each other”

Find Tools to Collaborate

To deliver high-quality designs and to make effective communication, tools is important. Reza and I mostly using Zeplin to collaborate on design. It helps you a lot to store all the design details such as buttons, fonts, padding, margin and any others UI Components. Slack are other tool that help us collaborate and communicate.

These tools helps us a lot to collaborate at the project.

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