Camaraderie is key

A sense of trust, friendship, and mutual goals among a group of people often leads to a huge impact in their shared productivity and morale. We, as humans, typically chase the feeling of acceptance as part of our sense of self-efficacy.

The problem can arise that, because many people cannot detach their ego from their work (and because impostor syndrome is so rampant in the technology and creative fields), designers can be mean-spirited, protective of what they perceive to be their job security, and elitist. This is why we need to work hard to approach issues with an open mind and an accepting heart. What if one of your idols got boxed out by clique mentality and never had the chance to become something ?

Take pride in your work (keeping in mind that part of what you should classify as “work” is solving problems and effectively communicating), and immerse yourself in the culture of your workplace. Be the person who inspires those around you, and envision yourself as the rising tide that lifts all boats.

If you’re a freelancer, know that the greatest successes come from good relationships with past and present clients, recruiters, and colleagues. Embody the qualities that you’d like to see in these groups — honesty, clarity, and respect — and you will find yourself surrounded by people who want to see you succeed.

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