Earlier this year announced a brand new feature in iOS 12, called . is ’s take on the if-then statement so very common in development and also known by us earthlings because of the app IFTTT (IF This Then That).

Shortcuts app on the widgets view

To be exact, Shortcuts had a previous life, it was then called Workflow and it was a startup that Apple acquired and now rebranded to be more cohesive with Siri. I was aware of it but never really tried it before its new life, mostly because I felt like IFTTT did the job. Then a fellow designer sent me a link for a shortcut, and that kicked the ball rolling.

I found some shortcuts and made some others to help my everyday as designer, I hope more people can find this useful. If you don’t have the Shortcuts app, get it on the AppStore.

1. Add device frame to iPhone X(S) & XS Max screenshot

This is a very cool shortcut that lets you choose one or more screenshots from your photos and nicely put it in a device frame. It supports both portrait and landscape. A timesaver to all of those presentation slides that need a professional image of your app in there.

This shortcut was made by macstories.net editor and you can read more about it here.

2. Add device frame to Apple Watch 4 (40mm & 44mm)

I’ve done this shortcut myself (lots of fun!) based on the one above here from macstories. It simply looks for pictures among your screenshots for those that have Watch 4 size, both 40 and 44 mm.


To be able to take a screenshot with your watch, check in the watch app for general settings and make sure the switch for Enable screenshots is ON. Then you can take a screenshot with your watch by pressing the crown and the side button simultaneously. The picture will automatically land in your Photos.

3. Add device frame to Apple Watch 4 (40mm & 44mm) — Multicolor

A spin off from the previous, here what I wanted really was to try and combine a menu: after you’ve picked your screenshots, you can choose which watch frame color you want to use. At this point, if you choose multiple screenshots, it will ask the preferred color for each frame, which may or may not be the best. I’m open to feedback!

4. Share screenshot

Natural extension of the previous screenshots shortcuts, this one automatically takes the latest picture in Photos and lets you pick the receiver from the Share option.

5. Shorten URL

We all know how tedious it is to write a long url, especially from a mobile device. This won’t assure you will get a nice and short link yourself, but at least some karma points for sharing one yourself. And by sharing this article you will increase the chances to cash in some of those karma points 🙂

6. Remind me at work

Another simple shortcut I made, it creates a reminder that sends a notification at a certain location. It’s useful when you need to get something done as soon as you reach work.


You can duplicate the shortcut and call it e.g. Remind me at home. Once you set your location you’re ready to go!

7. Convert bursts to GIF

This one could definitely come in handy sometimes… if you’re looking to make a meme of that burst which accidentally got funny. It lets you choose one among your bursts and it converts it to a looping GIF.
Such motion, very meme, much wow.

Source link https://blog..io/best-apple-shortcuts-for--79aea3ec8d24?source=rss—-eb297ea1161a—4


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