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Who Always Inspire Me

My connection to Medium as a writer is not much older. Though I always liked to research UX articles and read them, but I started writing on from last few months.

No doubt, I found Medium the best platform for both new and experienced .

Before using Medium I was not much aware of my writing talent, or perhaps I didn’t have the courage to click the Publish button and share my thoughts with people out there.

I am much thankful to Medium for making this difficult task easier for me. 🙏

I am also much grateful to amazing UX/Design writers here whose inspirational and motivational stories made me think to write my owns.

In this article, I want to say thanks to few of them. If you are interested in UX/Design field, I would strongly recommend to follow these great writers.

Johny vino

Johny vino – Muzli -Design Inspiration

Nick Babich

Nick Babich – Medium

Fabricio Teixeira

Fabricio Teixeira – UX Collective

Tubik Studio

Tubik Studio – Medium

Pablo Stanley

Pablo Stanley – Medium

Irene Au

Irene Au – Medium


Muzli – Medium – Medium

Tiffany W. Eaton

Tiffany W. Eaton – Medium


Justinmind – Medium – Medium

Amy Smith

Amy Smith – Medium


Mockplus – Medium


linda – Medium

I would love to hear about YOUR favorite inspiring writers on Medium.

Thanks for reading. For more articles:

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