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I believe that you have some awesome UI ideas and suggestions for improvement from which we all could learn. So when Brennan Dunn, owner of rightmessage.com (a personalization platform), just tweeted asking for a review of his , I think we have a great opportunity to do an open group review (and upvote the best ideas to the top of course). You in?

Here Is How It Works

  • Let’s focus on improving
  • For each UI improvement that you can think of for the homepage screen below, share it as a comment (multiple comments are fine, but try to keep each comment tied to 1 idea for easier prioritization).
  • Vote on your own or other people’s ideas and let’s try to surface the best ones to the top
  • Based on these ideas I hope we all can learn something

The Homepage


Share Your Ideas For Improving Signups + Vote On Other Ideas

Please share your ideas on how signups can be improved on any of the screen above. Let’s do this …

Source link https://goodui.org/blog/-what-should-rightmessage-com--on-its-homepage-for-more-signups/


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