And how I got rejected by

Last year in June I was interviewing at for a position of Graduate designer. Part of my interview process was to come up with four small actionable improvements to current website. As many of you know is well known for A/B testing every decision and backing up everything with data.

I came up with 4 small improvements in different areas of the booking process. When I was working I was looking at the feasibility of improvements and ways to measure them — so a total redesign of the homepage is out of the picture here. In my process, I questioned myself WHY this would bring value to the user, WHAT is the functionality and HOW to measure.

1. Add define region on map


Problem occurs when users don’t know regions of a city by name, but know where they want their accommodation to be on the map.


Added button on map view where users are able to select a region where they want to stay. After choosing a region, only accommodations in that area will be displayed in listing. That way users would find their preferred accommodation faster.


  • Conversion to booking
  • Time from search to booking
  • Exit rate / bounce rate

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