Our next ‘Ask the UXperts’ session is all about an amazing journey into digital accessibility.

and are partners in appsforall – a project that seeks to help people create more . Their target audience is product owners, app developers and designers. Their mission is to provide the tools, resources and guidelines necessary to start the process of re/ with accessibility and inclusion in mind.

In this session we’ll

  • learn how they’ve approached educating and building empathy amongst their own teams
  • find out about their challenges and how they approached them
  • talk about how we can lead the way with understanding our responsibilities and implementing good processes

If inclusive design is a part of your manifesto then this is the session for you.

The Details

Meet Amir Ansari

Amir AnsariAmir Ansari heads up the User Experience Practice at Transpire – a consultancy that aims to create impactful, design lead digital products that empower businesses and make a difference.

He has a team of wonderful, talented and friendly UXers helping to make people’s lives easier.

Amir has done his 10,000 + hours (over 18 years) of practice designing and leading designers, and is passionate about creating inclusive and accessible experiences that leave people feeling engaged and empowered. He likes to do all that with a smile on his face.

Meet Kelly Schulz

Kelly SchulzKelly joined Telstra (Australia’s largest telecommunications company) in 2007 and has worked to improve customer experience for all customers.

With five years leading Telstra’s Complaint Analysis & Insights Team, she has a deep knowledge of how product, process and system design plays a significant role in the lives of consumers.

Born with a rare, genetic, eye condition, Kelly has been legally blind since birth. Now responsible for Telstra’s Accessibility & Inclusion strategy, Kelly’s approach focuses on building awareness, and an accessibility conscience, to foster inclusion of customers, employees and their communities living with disability.

How does Ask the UXperts work?

These sessions run for approximately an hour and best of all, they don’t cost a cent. We use a dedicated public Slack channel. That means that there is no audio or video, but a full transcript will be posted up on here in the days following the session.

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