The Beginning

I had heard that hackathons are a good way to up your skills as a -er, meet people in the industry and work on some cool project. So I decided to attend a Rehive Fintech at RISE in NYC. Although this was more coding focussed I met some great people and got to work on an interesting fund me type project.

The Team

My awesome team included: Anna Leonenko (software developer), Chirihan Chergui (frontend developer), Casey Harding (software developer) & ofcourse, myself.

Kudos to Anna & Casey for coming up with this unique concept!

The Idea

The idea was to provide a platform for individuals to be able to show their gift list to friends and then receive funding for those gifts instead of a physical birthday present.

Target User Anyone wanting specific or expensive gifts for their birthday

The Designing

Step 1: Information Architecture

There are two relevant roles a user would play on this platform — the gifter & the gifted

So it made sense to create 2 key screens:

  • Friend’s Birthdays
  • My Birthday

Step 2: Creating a Layout

Brainstorming lead to deciding on a dashboard layout for the platform. The left half would show friends and family while the right half would show the gift list.

The split view dashboard was selected because it would allow users to continually see the primary content — the gift list — while viewing relevant data right next to it for making decisions or taking action.

Step 3: Content Layout & Visualization

Key Screen 1 — Friend’s Birthdays
Key Screen 2 — My Birthday

Step 4: Gestalt & Colors Selection

The whole is greater than the sum of parts

The circles at the name and search icon were made to overlap so the user can easily grasp the context of the birthday lists and search bar use.

Primary Color: Orange

Orange promotes energy and friendliness. It also helps create a sense of movement. These properties are ideal in ’s birthday gifting experience.

Secondary Color: Blue

To create more contrast and tension in the platform, orange’s complementary color blue is selected for users.

The Test

Users enjoyed running through the prototype and found the functionality useful and enjoyable. However, they always felt like clicking on the big infographic on the my birthday page. So I changed the infographic to a C2A which shows the contributors on clicking.

The Prototype

The Next Step

Users mentioned wanting to see contributors before they send gifts. So I would want to figure out a more streamlined way for users to see the contributors list.

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