Taking a look at potentially similar solutions in the market, I saw that products tend to fit into three categories: trip planning apps, journaling apps, and location-based resource allocation platforms. Each of these are immense in their structure and . I outlined their strengths and potential takeaways from what could when creating it’s own solution in the space.

I conducted a short survey with 100+ volunteers who asked about their vacation photo taking habits and instagram posting rituals. The results of the survey were enlightening and informed some key design decisions.

Competitive Analysis of popular travel documenting apps | Quotes from survey research
Infographic from research surveys

User Personas

I used the research from the discovery to inform the target user for my design solution. Knowing the nature of the problem I wanted to solve, I saw two people stand out: Chris Toledo, the Life Curator and Emily Rogers, the Busy Parent. Each one has its own purposes for Instagram and how the platform fits into their vacation happenings.

Chris, the life curator & Emily, the busy parent

User Journey

I learned a couple of interesting things when building out the role that this would have in their vacations.

First, I realized that the solution is very situation-oriented. This would not need to be accessed constantly for it to be successful, just in the right moments.

Second, whether you call it an inspiration or a reminder, the solution should invite users to go out and take more pictures. That’s the only way that the user can feel successful.

Lastly, there must be a smarter system in place to handle vacation photos to ensure that they’re posted and celebrated. These users would use this validation to fuel future use of the product.

Design Considerations

  • The UI design should focus on situation / location
  • Establish prompt notification system
  • Think beyond photo capture (think of the journey from capture to posting)

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