(ESS) is that provide employees with access to their personal records and Payroll details. ESS features include allowing employees to change their own contact details, family members and banking information and benefits. ESS also allows administrative tasks like applying for a leave, reviewing of timesheet, inquiring about available loan programs, requesting for overtime payment, viewing of compensation history, and submitting of reimbursement slips. With the emergence of ESS, employees are able to transact with their Human Resource office without physical appearance which is considered irrelevant in some transactions.


As part of organization’s vision, it is desired that the “ self-” for the employees be made accessible anywhere-anytime in a convenient and user-friendly manner. This is envisioned to empower employees and help improve productivity and satisfaction.

Current Challenges

  1. The overall user experience of the current portal is not intuitive and friendly. It looks overwhelming with too much of information.
  2. Bad leave request process

3. The Portal is accessible over intranet or over VPN only

4. The information or any action cannot be fetched and taken respectively while on the go.

5. The notifications are missing

6. Employee’s important document views are missing

7. Missing maintain a healthy, happy workforce

Features of employee self-service




· Text

· Video

· Images

· News can also fetch the data from the RSS feeds.


HR Department provides various benefits/offers to employees with brands or service providers in the market. Many a time such benefits are not availed by the employees because of the lack of information when needed. This section can help users to get information about the same. User can search for offers using search criteria like location based or service based etc.

Times gallery

This section will have all the events related pics can be displayed. These images can be managed from the CMS by the admin. The motive behind the section would be engage

Recruitment Section

This Section will list the various opening within the organization. This can be mobile version of the existing recruitment portal.

Profile Management

Absence Services

· View leave balance

· Apply leave

· Cancel leave

· Holiday calendar

Claim Management

User can use this module to fill in the expense claims like ‘conveyance reimbursements’ and can attach the scanned copy of bills and submit the same.

Generic Services

· View Benefits — View various benefits available to the user

· View Policy documents

· Pay Slip download

Manager Services

These services will be available to the users with Managerial role only. Such services be like

· Approve leave

· Reject Leave

· Request for More information

· View Direct reportee charts.

Time and Labour management

Employees can fill the timesheet from the app

Learning and Training

· View training calendar based on the roles

· Apply for trainings

· View applied training

· View completed trainings

· Approve trainings submitted by the direct reportees

· Annual review assessment

Push Notification

Notify a user of new messages or events even when the user is not actively using the application. Very important feature as it enables the user to take the action immediately.


Multiple security features are built-in and configurable as per business needs. Some of them are

· Communication over HTTPS only

· Session management

· SSO authentication

· Remote Data wipe

Let’s see my UI/ Design process

12 task modules in this application. I decided to work on one major and important module i.e Absence Service module. I made UI/UX work with below Principles.

User Research Questions (Qualitative)

1. How much time do you typically spend task?

2. Which task do you use more?

3. Which task don’t you use more?

4. What’s the hardest task?

5. What other products or tools have you tried out?

6. What do you like or dislike about these other products or tools?

7. Are you looking for a solution or alternative for problem / task?

8. What is the main reason to expecting mobile app design?

9. What comes to your mind when thinking about current product?

Don Norman’s Principles of Interaction Design.

• Visibility of system Status

• Match between system and Real world

• User control and Freedom

• Consistent and standard

• Error Prevention

• Recognition and Recall

• Flexibility and efficiency use

  • Aesthetic and minimalistic design
  • Help and Documentation

Usability Testing Questions

1. How are feeling about current feature usability and design?

2. Will you recommend to other colleagues?

3. What comes to your mind when thinking about our product?

4. If review our product with a score out of 10, what score would you give us?

5. Why choose us over competitors?

6. What do you like least/most about our product?

7. How easy is our product to use?

8. Which feature of our product are most important to you?

9. Which feature of our product are least important to you?

10. How much time have you taken for complete this task?

11. How about color and other branding consistency?


Employee self-service technology helps to create a positive work culture and to retain talent by giving workers direct control over their employment information.

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