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Competitor Analysis

For the analyses, I focused on apps where you can find buddies for multiple sports. I ruled out any apps, who offers only 1 sport like fitness for example. Later in the process, I did take them in account for inspiration and how their UX and flow would be for improvement of my own .

Interesting, apps with a good SEO score and a long ‘time to market’ doesn’t mean per se, that the apps are good. Some have quite low reviews.

For the analysis, I used Apptrace and App Annie (free version, as I’m a cheap b*stard 😬).

To get my insights more visually clear for me and where to put my focus on, as I don’t want to deep dive in all the 10 apps, I made a 2×2 matrix to see which of the apps has the highest review score and amount of downloads. I did look at the other apps if they had any potential or what was going wrong for them. So I did look at all the apps actually..

Obstacle: I couldn’t trace the amount of downloads if the app is only available from the App Store. If anybody reading this post has an answer to that, can put it as a comment, thanks!

Top right with the most interesting

Inspiration & UX Walkthrough

Top: Rovo — left bottom: Bodyweight — Right bottom: Nike Training

Having a look at the apps from my analysis and some other sports apps for inspiration and a UX walkthrough. I wanted to find out about their onboarding flow, profile pages, matching with other players. The findings, I would use later on to make a wireframe and IA.

One thing I find personally annoying is when you open an app for the first time and I have to an account or I can’t use the app. I’m the kind of person that wants to look around first and see if I like the app and then an account.

Deciding for my future app to create a different model for the user and that they also would find that annoying, would be an assumption from my side so, I needed to find that out with the help from my fellow UX designers and something for me to find out with user testing.

UX Walkthrough

This was really helpful for me and some interesting findings for my App:

  1. Onboarding flow: first set your preferences like your level of fitness, activities to choose from and then create an account, an interesting model to test
  2. Microinteractions 😍
  3. Clean & simple design
  4. Only possible to use the app with a Facebook account (not email e.g.) 😡
  5. Really impressed with the Rovo app, really professional and the way to set your level for an activity is really impressive

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