Too many times recently I’ve been finding myself having to convince others that they are creative. People that have proven themselves to be smart, funny, charismatic, optimistic, empathetic, incredibly interesting people. How do they not see how creative they already are, or believe how creative they could be? Through various activities over the next few months, my is to bring out the in the people around me.

It’s self-expression; a voice for an introvert.

For me, creativity brings a sense of freedom. It’s self-expression; a voice for an introvert. It’s permission to be curious, and the discovery of other people’s perspectives. It connects observations with imagination and possibilities. It helps me to find my own personal balance of purpose, where I can manage what I consume with what I output into the world.

So many people have a scar where they were told at an impressionable time in life that creativity wasn’t for them, or have had it stamped out of them through societal ‘expectations’. But maybe I can help a few people to discover the joy and purpose that I feel from existing creatively, when they perhaps didn’t know they could.

As I go, I’ll share my stories about my experiments with creativity at work, at home, and with people who I’ve never even met before.

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