The steps I went through to demonstrate the features of a software company through meaningful .

Few months ago, I was designing a website for a software company. The company had its promising values and tasks. Nobody likes to read too much. What really makes one eager to read is the good outlook! So I thought to myself, why not try something different and new to me!

This was the time when I decided to design a website that contained graphics and illustrations which could describe the core values of the company without having to read the text portions. However, I am not a professional artist. I knew this would be very challenging to me but I did know the fact that I would enjoy it equally.

So how did I actually begin?

The first thing I needed to understand was the company, it’s , methods and steps, kind of works, etc. Understanding the purpose of any company or product is very crucial before beginning any task. Immediately, I began discovering different forms of illustrations. I searched on dribbble for different varieties of artworks and ended up discovering multiple kinds including line art, flat illustrations, broken stroke, and many more. The one style that I really preferred was freehand flat style of illustration. This was quite trending during that time and it still is. Just like the renowned author Austin Cleon said,


Once I was clear about the style I selected, the next step was to literally create illustrations. I started implementing the same technique that I used when designing logos i.e. collecting metaphors. I gathered all the attributes that represented a particular task and merged them together to present a scenario.

Building Prototypes

Build > requires strength > crane.

Prototype > Requires different component that are merged together to give a meaningful output > Squares, lines, rectangles, tick mark ( basically geometrical components ), desktop (viewport).

In-house team of company

Team > Group of people with different tasks and responsibilities ( design, code, statistical analysis ) > Pen tool of illustrator as a representer of design, lines of code, graphs for statistics.

A Group > Sense of togetherness to share ideas > Same table for multiple members of a team.

Consultation and flow discussion

Flow discussion > Idea must be presentable to all the team members in order to discuss > Use of projector and white board, lines, rectangles and curves to give a visual representation of flow.

Complex softwares and machine learning models

Complexity in development > Requires stepwise task listed in order to prevent any events, needs fixes to bugs, needs paperwork for concept breakdown > Use of gears, codes, paper, pen, ipad, checklist, database, pie chart, puzzles, etc.

Simultaneous communication with the client

Communication > Requires a Representer / Project Manager to share updated tasks or ask queries > Slack, skype, email, chat.

Idea to production

Final product > Web app, mobile and tablet optimized > Website, mobile app, tablet view.

Idea > Pops in one’s head > Bulb

Team augmentation

Augmentation > Requires experts to have a deeper analysis on the tasks to improve the effectiveness > Meeting and discussion

I used a guy with a headphone common throughout the illustrations with a purpose to view one member who acts as a project manager / representative.

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