After 2 years working from home, I finally decided to move to an office

It already passed 2+ years since I left my job at FlipSnack and, in this time, I mostly worked from home. Now, for those of you who didn’t worked from home yet, this might look like a dream come true, but, trust me, it’s not. In order to somehow separate work from my personal life, me and my wife transformed one of our rooms into a home-office. For a long time, it was quite a good option, with some very strong positive sides: I wasn’t wasting time commuting between home and office, I could start to work whenever I want and also take a break whenever I want. But, it has some not-so great aspects too, like the one that even if you talk with somebody via Skype or Slack, you’ll still mostly work alone (and when you meet someone, you’ll mostly talk a lot). In the last weeks, I started to get a bit anxious — either because of work, or because of some other stuff — and given the experience of the last winter, when I didn’t went outside, sometimes for days, I knew that I had to do some changes or, otherwise, things will not look so good.

So, knowing that one of my friends were actively looking for a working space — mostly a hub — I talked with him to somehow join forces to find something together. We went to check a couple of options and we ended up renting a really nice, small office near the city center with two of his friends. So, since the first day of October, I work from my new office. 🙂

2 Dribbble invites — giveaway

I still have 2 Dribbble invites. So, anyone who is a designer — especially UI/UX designer — looking for an invite, leave a comment with a link to your portfolio, or send it over in an email and I’ll select those who I think are the best fit.

Work and side-projects

Regarding work, in September it was mostly about finishing up different projects or adding some tweaks to some other projects; mostly small tasks that didn’t needed too much time. I also managed to finish Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and started reading Sprint by Jake Knapp.

Preview for my new portfolio

Having this free time this month, I finalised my portfolio and sent it to development; hopefully it will be ready & live until the end of October. Also, I found somebody interested in a collaboration regarding and he might start on the development, so we could launch a preview sometimes in the near future. I created a dedicated Instagram account for designsnippet and started to post some of the resources there — until the website will be ready. You are more then welcome, to check it out, share it, comment or just send a message.

I started to look around for some new projects too, so if you need a designer or you have some tips regarding finding new projects, you can contact me anytime.

Great articles from September

Top inspiration from September

Quality Faster — Behance Case Study by Toto Castiglione for Netguru
Zeplin Landing Page Revamp by Pelin Kenez
To-do app for store associates by Ivan Manolov for MojoTech
Hair salon app by Divan Raj
B — Homepage Style Exploration 03 by Filip Justić for Balkan Brothers

Before you go, here’s something extra

Don’t forget to check back in a month!

So, this is it for now. Thanks for checking in. Hope that you found something interesting and inspiring. Don’t forget, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated … so, yeah, share, clap, comment or whatever you find appropriate.

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