After skipping one month of , I’m back

As some of you might have noticed, I really skipped the design retrospective for . This “incident” is partially due to some projects I worked on, but now that I’ve finished them, I’ll try to cover both & in this retrospective. So buckle up; this one might be a little longer than usual.

About work & mentoring

In the last few weeks, I worked on a quite interesting project — a tool to manage and create processes and documents — in collaboration with MVP Factory from Berlin. At the beginning of the project, I traveled to Berlin where I had the pleasure to meet Victor from MVP Factory and the people in charge of the project. The role of the meeting was to have a better understanding of what we’re about to build. As a side benefit, I had some time to wander around the city and check out one of the most interesting museums I visited so far, the German Museum of Technology from Berlin.

Even if, in these past weeks, my main focus was on this particular project, I also had some time to work on a few smaller projects, for other clients and for my side-projects as well.

In addition to working, I also got a new mentee from RookieUp who wants to improve his skills and his portfolio so, hopefully I can be of help for him.


For those of you who follows me on Instagram — where I am quite active by the way — or Dribbble, you might know that I’m still working on a complete redesign for The idea behind the redesign came from my blog post for junior designers where I started to share some of my resources that I use since I’m designer (books, courses, links etc.). Being my most liked article, I thought that maybe would be good to have a website where designers, like me, can share their toolkit with other designers; this way we can benefit from each other’s knowledge.

After sharing the design and the idea with some fellow designers, I got some great feedback, so I’m trying to finish up the redesign and finding someone who can implement it. If you would like to help or be part of this, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Meanwhile, I started to share some of the resources on my Instagram account, but in the upcoming days, I’ll probably create a dedicated Instagram account for DesignSnippet as well.

Another thing that needed a major update, was my portfolio. As I said in my last blog post, I don’t really liked the first version, so after it was launched, I started to improve it and tweak the design. Now is almost ready, and in the upcoming weeks, hopefully, will be online. Until that, I’ll post the design on Dribbble and Instagram, probably next week, so keep an eye on it.


I still have 2 Dribbble invites. So, anyone who is a designer — especially UI/UX designer — looking for an invite, leave a comment with a link to your portfolio, or send it over in an email and I’ll select those who I think are the best fit.

Great articles from July-August:

Top design inspiration from July-August:

Desktop Messenger by ALEX BENDER for GRAVITY
Subway by Mr.Joker for Hiwow
Socialio II — Dashboard UI Kit 3.0 by UI8
Reading App Design Project by Regen G. for Queble
Spotify — reimagined by John Hall
Finance&Wallet_Night by Hippie Mao. for DCU
3D flip menu by Minh Pham ✪

Before you go, take a look at these too:

Don’t forget to check back in a month!

So, this is it for now. Thanks for checking in. Hope that you found something interesting and inspiring. Don’t forget, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated … so, yeah, share, clap, comment or whatever you find appropriate.

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