A month with some changes

Even though I was thinking to skip this month’s and eventually merge it with the next one, in the end, I decided to write it down now, before I leave for a short holiday. Budapest, here we come 🙂

My Workspace

I still have 2 Dribbble invites. So, anyone who is a designer — especially UI/UX designer — looking for an invite, leave a comment with a link to your portfolio, or send it over in an email and I’ll select those who I think are the best fit.

World Day of Art Nouveau — Oradea 2018

About work & mentoring

May ended with some changes regarding the projects I work on. If you read some of the previous retrospectives, you might know that in this period I worked mainly on 2 projects: Effective Experiments and Fulfilli. Now, after almost a year at the company, I decided to leave Effective Experiments so, June is the last month I’m part of this project. It was a very interesting time, while I learnt a lot about CRO and met some great people.

So, from July, Fulfilli will be my main project. I work with Matiss and Janis for the last couple of months and It was quite a pleasure. In the past month we worked on a couple of new things — like the onboarding that will be implemented in the upcoming weeks — and finished up some older ones. While I write this article, we published the new templates that will help you create your quotes much faster. Also, we launched a very much requested feature — adding description right into the quote. Take a look, and let me know what you think.

Besides Fulfilli, in the upcoming weeks, I want to spend some time to read, learn new things and also to update my portfolio. Designsnippet.com was put on hold for now and I’m thinking about a new project that I’ll share with you once I’ll make some proper plans for this.

I mentioned in the last article that that me and a couple of local designers had our first meeting. In the meantime, we managed to have an another meeting, where one of us — Andrei Gadoiu, UI/UX Designer @Paymo — presented his process regarding a feature he worked on. It was very interesting and insightful.

Great content from May:

Top design inspiration from May:

Food.co by Jabel Ahmed for Team UINugget
Howies Restaurant — Redesign Concept by Steven Hanley for Handsome
StyleMag by Miro Koljanin
List of commercial opportunities by Ricardo Salazar
Talebook — Photo Upload Interaction by Grzegorz Oksiuta for talebook
Marvel Redesign — Homepage by Filippo Chiumiento for Marvel
Bag — E-commerce Experience by Alberto Conti for Norde

Don’t forget to check back in a month!

So, this is it for now. Thanks for checking in. Hope that you found something interesting and inspiring. Don’t forget, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated … so, yeah, share, clap, comment or whatever you find appropriate.

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