Behind every working people there is an immense collection of unwashed .

Defining The Problem

The experience of doing the laundry at the weekends is so frustrating. All working people will know this pain point. It’s like a pain in their ASS.

My Goal

My goal here is to make your laundry experience simple, fun and easy.


I know who the user is, but I don’t know how well I knew about the user. So, I interviewed five people from my hostel to understand more about their practices and needs. Gathered information was more than enough for me to get started with my .

My Solution

In my , I concentrated on the two main points which are ordering the laundries as simple as possible and helping them to track their orders.

Initial Sketching

High — Fidelity Wireframes

User Onboarding

When users enter the for the very first time, they don’t know how it may work. So, users begin with looking through onboarding screens to understand the process.

Core User Journey

1. Select the type of the Service
2. Order Us
3. Payment

The core usage of the app is ordering their laundries. For the landing tab, the home screen has all the possible options for laundries. Multiple choices to choose from and one tap for the users to select the type of the service they want.

Multiple Choices
Wash Only
Iron Only
Dry Clean
Both Wash & Iron

Order Us
The order us page consists of three sections first is where users can give their quantity of dress.

Possible Cloth Types
Most of the user will give,
Bedsheets and Pillow Covers

Second is where they can choose their add-ons for their laundry.

Hand Wash or Machine Wash
The detergent of their choice
Fabric Fresheners of their choice

Third is where they can select the pickup time and delivery type.

Payment Flow

Choose an existing card or add a new card, enter the card details and tap to pay it’s that simple.

Testing with the users

After I completed my designs I prototyped them in InVision and got some good feedbacks.

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