User Research

I started this research with the assumption that the user base will be targeted to the young professional who tends to commute often and who is busy with work. After developing a research plan that includes writing a survey and some interview questions, I set out to conduct my user research. I asked friends if they can fill out the survey, and if they can let their friends know as well.

The online survey includes 15 questions, and I was hoping to find insight on understanding the target demographics and multitasking habits. 40 users have completed the survey and have provided me with qualitative data needed to validate my assumptions.

Survey Findings

After interviewing the participants, I was able to find the necessary information needed to arrive at certain conclusions:

Inputted data from a survey via Google Surveys

The demographics appear to fall towards the young adult or older professional, be it a student or someone with a career who commutes on a daily basis, and more than 50% commute for about an hour or more.

During this time, 62% of users state that they listen to music or audiobooks, which shows that most are willing to use various ways to listen to what they like. Many others use their favorite apps while commuting, and implies that users multitask while listening to music or audiobooks.

59% of users work out, but the majority of users do so in a way that demands their focus depending on the type of workout. Running, jogging or biking would allow users to focus more listening to whatever they want.

Interview Summary

After interviewing 4 individuals who fall under the target audience, I was able to root out many features, pain points and user interactions on the ’s design.

Users expressed their interest in a tool that will help them listen to and learn transcribed documents actively while doing other hands-off activities such as exercising, commuting to school/work or performing tasks that would not allow them to be on their phone. The app would assist users with studying and reading.

Some were concerned with potential transcription errors or unintelligible sentences and would like to make sure that all forms of auditory issues are dealt with.

They also mentioned that the integration of effortless rewind/fast-forward features would be a great addition to their user experience, in case the user misheard the audio. Some have noted that subscription-based options or services would be ideal, considering a trial version might possible attract habitual users.

The need to be able to save a user’s favorite documents was also expressed with features to help them sort out and categorize content type, date or completed files.

Pain Points

Based on the survey and interview research, the results indicate that:

· Users want many options of text to import

· Users want to have time to use

· Users want flexibility on text formatting

· Users want to have all of their documents in one organized medium

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