After identifying the problems we decided to make a data flow diagram to illustrate the user’s journey.

Data flow diagram

From the first screen we wanted the software to feel delightful and extremely easy to use, so we decided to build it as a plugin on the existing CAD software. As the users are already hooked on the CAD design since years, it would be comparatively very easy for them to adapt.

We started by redesigning 3 types of dashboards consisting of the ongoing and the past projects for Employees, the owners of the firm and the clients.

Now, the most important feature was the social computing platform, for that we have a co-working designers dock at the bottom of the design window, where by clicking on an avatar, the system overlays the work of that employee on your work and you can work simultaneously. You can also see the daily tasks assigned to you on the right and a real time feedback from the clients.

The real time co-working

We also included a similar space for the project manager to assign tasks to the employees and the clients to see real time progress on their designs.

Monitoring spaces for clients and project managers.
Other features like Team chats and performance cards for employees.

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