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We Digital Designers don’t design for just one device or platform anymore. We create dynamic digital products, that work on desktop or mobile, this screen size or that, from smart watches to TV’s to connected cars.

Modern Digital Design is cross-platform at its core.

So sticking to just one platform in our Creative Process means limiting ourselves, and the impact the products we design can make.

And yet, somehow, most of the design tools we use today are not platform agnostic.

Some work just on the desktop. Those are mostly old print design tools, created back when the web couldn’t yet support powerful graphics apps. They duct-taped a thing or two onto themselves, but they do still essentially work on static images with much the same tools and process they did in desktop printing era.

Many existing design tools are available on just one desktop platform — mostly Mac. That means that millions of designers, who use Windows and Linux, are being completely left out.

This hits hard for some, especially in the developing world. An otherwise brilliant designer in the developing world, may not get a freelance assignment or even learn design at all, at least the way some others do, simply because she’s using the only OS she can afford.

Other tools are only accessible on the web. Indeed, web is all about the collaboration. Got no Internet connection, though? Sorry, you’ll need to wait until you’re online again to get anything done.

Again, this can hit the developing world especially hard. We don’t all have Silicon Valley-internet’s reliability, uptime, and speed.

We designers do deserve better — a digital design tool that’d fit into our workflow so snugly, across platforms, that we won’t even notice it’s here.

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