90% deep historical stories had tragic end

80% deep user flow apps devastated user’s empathy, emotions and patience

If you look back, Historical deep love stories had mostly tragic end. Examples are Romeo — Juliet, Shah Jahan-Mumtaz Mahal, Napoleon-Josephine etc..


Their love story is very tragic. The tale of two teenagers from two feuding families who fall in deep love at first sight and then married. They met many hurdles during their relationship. Finally untimely end up their life.

Shah Jahan-Mumtaz Mahal

When Mumtaz Mahal was giving birth to their 14th child, she died due to some complications. Shah Jahan was devastated by his wife’s death and plunged into deep grief that affected him both emotionally and physically.

Anarkali and Salim

She is entombed alive in a brick wall right in front of her lover’s eyes.

Alexander the Great

Even The great Alexander died at the age of 32 as he had busy with conquer the world. This may have contributed to Alexander’s failing health and detached mental state during his final months

We don’t need deep user flow, user journey and user information for accomplish the task. It should be simple and minimal to complete.

Deep User Journey

Deep user Journeys never hold the user’s empathy. We cannot engage them with our application. We shouldn’t use deep flow to accomplish the tasks in the application

For an example:

Here the task is user has to select the until adds to the cart. I showed it in two ways one with 10 steps and other with 4 steps. User doesn’t show the interest to complete the task with 10 steps as it takes more time than 4 steps. We must understand the users’ needs while creating any application. We must engage them with simple steps, reduce users efforts and save their time.

Expression for below Journey
Expression for below Journey

Deep User Information

Sometimes we use deep information about particular element. Most cases it won’t work until and unless its terms-condition and privacy policy sections :). We must use important content which can helps to the user.

For an example:

Here user has to contact the doctor by looking at his experience and other important data about him. We can’t engage the user by using his biography kind of content. We must focus on his experience, In which area he is expertise and success rate in respective area.

Expression for below Information
Expression for below Information

Deep User flow

Build a flow with users in Mind. Flow should be simple and understandable. Segregate the flow If there are many task flows in the app. Don’t confuse with huge.

Expression for below Flow
Expression for below Flow


Through this article I don’t want to censure historical love. They have died, but their love remains alive even today. I used them as users in this article to explain my thought process. They didn’t enjoy during their Love. They pained with app called LOVE.

Finally, ladies & gentlemen life is short. Don’t waste time with deep processes in the application. It kills app performance and users empathy.

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