We can observe one massive trend in market — more and more online stores are being created using technologies.

Distribution for websites using eCommerce technologies

Website builders for e-commerce are the perfect solution to quickly launch an online store and test a hypothesis.

We can write many jokes about it, but for the young businesses website on cloud technologies is:

  • the really fast start;
  • sales from the first days;
  • understanding of what is an online store by itself;
  • quick try how to run the online shop;
  • quick understanding of how much it really costs to build an online store;
  • quick check each channel and funnel.

For testing business and getting primary earnings, such a solution is quite suitable.

Moreover, today organic search coverage from Google has faded into the background for many internet businesses. Now there are a lot of other channels to quickly attract traffic on the website.

Top In eCommerce Usage Distribution on the Entire Internet

In the United States, for example, Shopify is the most popular CMS for online stores (14.56% of all online stores in the country), as well in the United Kingdom (10.13%), Australia (33.13%), Canada (14.89%), New Zealand (16.17%)

We can already safely say that the era of stores that run on their own servers ends. The same can be said about self-written solutions.

Screen before showed CMS proportion for online stores in the Entire Internet. This is our future.

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