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It is boring to see the /statistics in the form of plain graphs or tables or pie charts. But, to represent the in a way that is more scannable and logical we have to use these forms or representation. Specially in an environment where the customers have to look at the daily and repeatedly to track status of their audience it is tough to get rid of these representations. In such situation, how can we improve the user experience? From my experience and from inspiration looking at online trends in UX, I wanted share few tips to improve the UI for a possible better UX.

Let’s begin with a few questions to understand the kind of emotions customer go through when looking at the data.

Who is looking at the data?

We start with understanding who is looking at this data. Even though the app/website may have been designed for the doctors or managers or administrators the data presented may be looked at by someone else in the org. It may be nurses or assistants or HR or someone else. Find out who is actually gathering the data for our users.

How many times in a day/week/month do users look at the data?

If it is daily or weekly and the data is represented in a plain format, users probably just look at it to get away with their daily task. They are not really excited while interacting with the UI. The UI may be usable, but there is an opportunity to redesign it before they get frustrated and switch to other product 🙂

What kind of data users are looking at and what are they going to do with it?

The kind of data they are looking at is the most important factor to decide the kind of emotions that are invoked. Is it the data of patients or employees or daily weather or something else?

Try to understand what are they going to do with this data? Is the data going to tell, for example, how many patients have their appointment booked successfully? Or how many employees participated in the last marathon event? Whatever it be, the ultimate information gathered from the data helps in designing a user experience to bring the aspect of emotion.

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